Diablo III Adds True Detective Reference in Patch (Photo)


Diablo III adds a reference to True Detective’s first season in a new patch.

It’s amazing that True Detective references are continuing to rear their head, only proving the insane staying power of the first season. Diablo III, a game by Blizzard which is entering its third year of support, has joined the impressive list of video games with True Detective references thanks to a new patch. You can check out a picture of it below:

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The text doesn’t directly reference True Detective, but it does fit in with the overall feel and psychology of the first season. The image above it, however, is as True Detective as you could possibly get. There is no mistaking those antlers and Carcosa imagery.

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This is far from the first time that video games have made reference to True Detective in some form. Fallout 4 has text that heavily references True Detective, and World of Warcrafta game also by Blizzard, has a more direct True Detective reference in the form of an in-game quest. Grand Theft Auto has also had a fair share of True Detective related content, though that has come in form of user-created work.

While season one has enjoyed a long life through video games and other media, season two has not been as of yet. Referencing True Detective season two at this point would be considered brave by some, and perhaps a waste of time by others.

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While that is unfortunate, at least season one will live on, immortalized in some of the most well-known modern video games.

Via: Reddit