There’s a True Detective Reference in Fallout 4


True Detective references have shown up in a wide variety of places. This includes other television shows, such as the cop comedy Angie Tribeca. Every so often, however, True Detective rears its head in unexpected ways. Take, for example, in a new bestselling video game that released this week.

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For those not in the know, Fallout 4 came out this week. It’s a huge, open-world RPG that fans have been waiting over five years for. The game has already broken records by selling over 12 million copies in a single day. To say that many people were waiting for Fallout 4 would be a huge understatement. It just so happens that there’s a little treat for fans of True Detective as well.

As you can see below, True Detective has wormed its way into the heart at the developers over at Bethesda, the company behind the game.

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It looks like a certain R Cohle has a bit of a psychological issue. Sound like anyone we know? It’s a rather low-key references, as the only way to find it would be to read a specific non-essential terminal that would likely be easy to miss.

This isn’t the first time that True Detective has shown up in a video game. World of Warcraft previously included a True Detective easter egg, and though no quite the same thing, fans have created True Detective content for Grand Theft Auto V.

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All in all it’s just another example of True Detective being cemented in popular culture. Season one did something incredible. Maybe season three can restore the series to glory.

Via: Reddit