Entertainment Weekly Totally Trashes True Detective


Entertainment Weekly has taken their hatred of True Detective to its logical conclusion.

It’s easier now to just say that nobody liked the second season of True Detective. Even though that’s not technically true, and there are fans out there that weren’t totally turned off by the season, they are not in the majority. True Detective season two is hated, for reasons both valid and imaginary. We don’t want to flat-out say that it’s an easy target and many people are probably jumping on the bandwagon, but it is and they are.

So there.

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Entertainment Weekly falls in either one of those categories, or perhaps both. They have been leading the charge of the True Detective season two criticism train since the season was airing. They have now taken their distaste to its logical conclusion in an effort to get just a little more juice out of it before the year wraps up. In their Best and Worst of 2015 issue, True Detective comes up a record number of times.

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The issue talks about the Emmy’s situation, as well as it being a major disappointment overall. In the end, True Detective ends up as “the worst show of the year.” It’s difficult to justify such a crowning, but it is by far the easiest choice.

Considering how important True Detective season two was to popular culture  — people may have hated it, but they couldn’t stop talking about it — Entertainment Weekly couldn’t find a spot for it on the cover.

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The issue came out last week, and unfortunately isn’t freely available for online linking. If you’re curious as to how EW fully treated True Detective season two, you’re going to have to pony up the cash for a copy.