The Huffington Post Creates a True Detective Hate Roundup


This might be the pinnacle of the True Detective hate season. Viewers of Sunday night’s Emmy’s were treated to a few good True Detective zingers, but apparently it’s given the internet at large a healthy boost to the True Detective hate-watch machine. Enter The Huffington Post, which has gathered some of that delicious hatred and synthesized it into a single, burn-filled article.

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The article carries the subtitle “to be fair, it was trash,” just so you know what the agenda is here. If you disliked season two of True Detective, it just might be the kind of piece you’re looking for. If you actually enjoyed it, which it supposed to be going against the grain, well, welcome to the popular opinion. Huffington Post brings up the Emmy digs and adds in some tweets that were floating around the broadcast as well.

For those paying attention, this is quite different from the pro-True Detective article that we saw on HuffPo not too long ago. Different writers, different opinions.

This is, so far, the best distillation of True Detective season two hate that we’ve seen. It’s joyful in its bashing, and takes no prisoners. In that, we can respect it. Season two isn’t for everybody, and even we thought it had its fair share of problems, some of which can be fixed in season three. It’s all in good fun, even if some of it comes off as reaching.

If all of this has piqued your interest, you can head over to The Huffington Post to get the full experience. Apparently “melancholic guitar girl” means Lera Lynn, just in case that part throws you off.

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