True Detective’s Ratings Were Strong but Couldn’t Crack Twitter


True Detective didn’t make the top 10 talked about shows in 2015 on social media.

Overall, the ratings for True Detective season two were fairly strong. For a relatively niche show on a premium cable network, they were fine. This is something that we’ve talked about before in context of how many people were actually hate watching it. Hate watching is still watching, after all. Still, it wasn’t one of the more popular shows of the year.

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According to Variety, The Walking Dead was the absolute king of 2015. It topped the ratings, though True Detective didn’t do poorly in a category called live plus seven. That incorporates ratings from the original showing plus people who may not get to it for the next few days. In terms of Twitter interaction and audience, The Walking Dead also killed it.

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That list is populated by the top popular shows, such as Game of Thrones, Empire, and American Horror Story: Hotel. There’s not really any room for True Detective in there. Not even Fargo, which was a critical gem, did all that well in either ratings or social media interactions. Comparatively speaking, that is.

Not even the power of hate watching was strong enough to push True Detective to a top show of 2015. HBO was said to be happy with how things shook out, so it’s no big deal that it didn’t make this particular list. Still, it’s likely that HBO would have wished for such a thing to happen.

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Even if season three does very well it is still unlikely to crack this sort of ranking. True Detective is just a bit more niche compared to the usual, most popular fair.