The New York Post and True Detective Don’t get Along


The New York Post makes their feelings on True Detective season two known.

When will it stop being fashionable to hate on True Detective? At some point, something has to give, right? It was a point that we thought was going to be reached a long time ago, but then award season began and the cycle repeated itself. It’s obvious at this point that True Detective needs some R & R away form the hungry eyes of the public. But that’s not something it is going to get.

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It’s with that said that we bring you only the latest in a long, long line of stories about somebody trashing True Detective. Nobody does it better than Entertainment Weekly, but The New York Post gives it a solid try. In their own year-end list focusing only on the worst of 2015, the Post takes aim at True Detective. It’s a truly shocking development.

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But not only do they set their sights on season two, they also have a little bit for season one. The blurb on True Detective starts by calling the first season “overpraised,” so you know where they’re coming from. Now, it wouldn’t necessarily be unfair to level that criticism against season one, but it does say something about the Post that they chose to throw that bit in.

The New York Post pairs True Detective with the usual fair such as The Bastard Executioner, but also includes a wider swathe of shows such as the reality series I Am Cait, and Million Dollar Listing New York. Good company, that.

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So, another outlet hates True Detective. At this point, what else is new?