Matthew McConaughey Gets Real Serious in Free State of Jones

Matthew McConaughey’s next movie casts him as a farmer during the civil war.

It feels like Matthew McConaughey is picking up a new film role every other week or so. Since True Detective, or technically right before it, McConaughey started to be cast left and right. The man has become almost prolific. According to IMDB, he has at least three movies scheduled to hit in 2016, including Free State of Jones.

Entertainment Weekly was granted a couple of exclusive looks at the upcoming film, which stars Matthew McConaughey as a civil war era farmer that rebels against the Confederacy. He then goes on to help establish a mixed race community win the South. This if, of course, based on a true story. Free State of Jones is just another nail in the coffin for the romantic comedy version of McConaughey.

A version that Quentin Tarantino is actually a rather big fan of.

Free State of Jones has actually been in production for a while, and the first images of the shooting were released back in April. So while it’s not technically a new role for McConaughey, and is closer to release than The Dark Tower. If that ever ends up being an actual thing.

The phrase “Oscar bait” is often overused and can be a dismissive way of describing a film. With that said, Free State of Jones is screaming Oscar bait. Ahem. Free State of Jones will premiere on May 13th.

When all is said and done, 2016 may turn out to be the year of Matthew McConaughey.