Elijah has a Moment in Photos for Girls Episode 7, ‘The Bounce’


The final season of Girls is actually almost over, somehow. It feels like it just started, which is a testament to how strong it has been so far. Elijah has been having a rough time lately, culminating in his fight with Hannah. It’s true that the two of them have made up, but Elijah has still been stuck in a holding pattern that he is only now trying to get out of. Now that Hannah is moving forward, it’s time that Elijah does as well.

New photos for episode 7, ‘The Bounce,’ show not only Elijah having what looks to be a genuinely great moment that could be awesome for his career, but also the return of Riz Ahmed as Paul-Louis.

Riz Ahmed (Credit: Mark Schafer/HBO).

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Here we have a shot of Paul-Louis, likely speaking to Hannah on the phone. We know from the preview that she’s finally going to get in touch with him to discuss his newfound fatherhood. Hannah has made it clear that she expects and wants nothing from him – she wants to do this on her own. Considering what we already know about Paul-Louis’ lifestyle, it would be a bit of a surprise if he insists on having input in the whole thing. You know, the whole being a dad thing.

Corey Stoll, Lena Dunham (Credit: Mark Schafer/HBO)

This is a partially interesting photo. Hannah, in rather casual clothing, is sitting with Elijah’s ex, Dill. Dill broke Elijah’s hurt last season, setting him on his current path. It’s not clear what he and Hannah are doing together, though that looks like it could be her apartment. If so, it’s possible that Dill has come to try and get Elijah back.

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Including episode 7, Girls only has only four episodes left. That doesn’t feel like it’s enough time to wrap up all of the loose ends, a clean ending is not something that we’re expecting from Girls.