Could Fargo really end like This?


Could Fargo as a series really end with such a dark season?

It would be fair to say that Fargo season 3 is the darkest season of the series thus far. That’s not because of a high body count (there actually hasn’t been all that many deaths) but is instead due to Varga, and the long shadow that he casts over the series. The general tone has also been mostly serious, and with only a single episode left we do not expect that to suddenly shift. There have been rumblings that this season of Fargo could serve as its last, and if that does come to pass, what could it mean?

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Because of its tone and Varga’s, well, disgusting nature, this season hasn’t been as big of a hit as the previous one – a quick hit of Metacritic shows season 2 leading with a 96. It also lacks the same amount of action, and Gloria isn’t quite the character that we originally imagined she’d be. Don’t worry, we’ve grown quite fond of her. Still, there is something bleak and hard about season 3 that wasn’t there in the first two seasons. Will Nikki and Wrench get one up over on Varga? Well, maybe, but it could honestly go either way.

There is no uplifting turn left for this season to take. The endings of the first two seasons were about family and moving on, but there is little evidence that season 3 will follow in those same footsteps. Ray is dead, Nikki is out for revenge, Emmit is in danger, and nothing is going to bring Gloria’s horrible stepdad back. It almost feels as if there is no real way to move on from the menace of Varga, and anyone left standing, in the end, will just be broken. That’s a rather pessimistic take on it, but that’s what Fargo has given us so far.

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If this really does signal the end of the series, there will doubtlessly be endless debate over which season is the best. And there is definitely something to be said for the black heart of season 3, even if it ends up not being the easiest pill to swallow.