Maisie Williams knows exactly how ‘Game of Thrones’ will end


If you want to know how Game of Thrones will end, just ask Maisie Williams. Then again, she probably won’t tell you but she knows!

Maisie Williams has the answer to one of the hottest questions in entertainment. As one of the stars of HBO’s megahit Game of Thrones, she’s been busy filming season 8, which as most fans know will be the final season.

As Jimmy Kimmel confirmed when Maisie was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, she lives her life “in fear of revealing something” about Game of Thrones that isn’t supposed to be revealed yet. The young woman who plays Arya Stark wasn’t even sure if she could reveal how many episodes that Season 8 has.

Maisie shared her script

Naturally, we have so many questions about what’s coming up but it’s pretty clear that Maisie won’t be much help. Not to mention that you can’t even get clues from the George R.R. Martin books this time around since the final novel hasn’t bee released yet.

One thing that Maisie does know but refuses to share with anyone is the ending of Game of Thrones. She said that she hasn’t shared that secret with anyone outside of the GoT cast except for her mother, whom she gave a script.

“Are you allowed to give (them to) your mom?” Jimmy asked.

“Probably not, actually,” Maisie responded. “My mom’s like tweeting out, ‘I know the end of ‘Game of Thrones’!”

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Will Arya Stark make it to the end?

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As far as Arya’s role in the ending, it looks like she might be around for a while. Maisie Williams did tell Kimmel that she’s still got quite a bit of filming to do. When he asked the GoT star if that meant she would be sticking around through most, if not all, of the episodes, Maisie backtracked a bit. She covered herself by saying that the episodes that she is in will require a lot of work and will take a long time to shoot. Good save, Maisie!

Williams may have outed HBO president Casey Bloys, who has said that they are shooting multiple endings for Game of Thrones. That’s a tactic often employed in order to avoid spoilers from ruining the ending. However, Maisie doesn’t think that’s even possible for her show.

“I immediately thought, ‘I don’t think we’ve got the budget to shoot lots of different endings.'” Maisie said of Bloys’ claim.

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Was Bloys just trying to get Game of Thrones spoilers hunters off the trail? It sure seems that way. Of course, the only way to find out how GoT ends is to stick around and watch season 8 when HBO begins to air it again. As far as when that will happen, there’s still no set premiere date but HBO has said that the final season will premiere in 2019.