New Titans set photos draw mixed reactions from fans


New set of photos taken from the set of DC’s Titans series, give fans a first look at Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire in the upcoming DC streaming network series.

While the DC Comics series managed to nail Robin’s costume, it looks like it won’t be the same for everyone else.

New pictures surfaced this week to offer fans a first look at Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire from the set of the series. The costumes are definitely a modernization and a different take compared to the animated series or the comics, but hopefully fans will learn to like them, though initial reactions have been mixed.

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Most fans of Teen Titans will be familiar with Beast Boy based off his entirely green exterior; however, it seems DC is taking a different approach by just having his hair be a spiky neon green rather than his entire body. While many fans have voiced disappointment over the change, others acknowledged the smaller budget might be the real reason. Raven is also seen in the set photos and she seems to be pretty similar to her comic book counterpart.

However, it’s the leaked picture of Starfire which is really igniting controversy with the costume decisions.

Like Beast Boy, it appears like Titans will not have the actress in full body paint to be orange. What stands out are the dress and hair which are massive changes from the original look for Starfire. Considering the character wears a pretty skimpy costume, it’s more than likely the designers were hoping to make it a little more comfortable.

It could also be that this is before she gets her actual costume to fight crime in. Her hair, is also naturally straight or wavy and closer to red or orange depending on the source material. Unfortunately, Titans has made it appear like a neon pink and it overshadows the rest of the outfit.

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Titans has a difficult road ahead to try and convince fans to purchase the DC streaming service. Hopefully the final product will show that the series knows what it’s doing with these modifications. For now, fans can at least rest easy knowing that Dick Grayson’s Robin costume still looks pretty great.

Titans is expected to premiere at some point this year when DC officially launches its streaming service.