Rip Hunter might not be dead on Legends of Tomorrow


It looks like Rip Hunter could make a return to Legends of Tomorrow despite his assumed death in this season’s finale.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Arrowverse decided to bring back a deceased character.

Even though Arthur Darvill exited as a series regular after the show’s freshman run, the Legends executive producer is confident he will continue in his recurring role.

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When talking with Entertainment Weekly, Marc Guggenheim discussed the fates of two different characters in the series. After teasing fans with the departure of some of the Waverider heroes, he admitted that Rip Hunter would probably be returning.

"We love Arthur, we love having Arthur on the show, and I think Arthur enjoys being on the show. Because it’s a time travel show, and because we never saw a body, anything is possible. I think Arthur is totally willing to come back and play with us if we have a cool idea."

This season Rip Hunter hasn’t exactly been the most beloved character on Legends of Tomorrow. His death would feel cheap if he does come back from the dead. Luckily, since this is a series about time travel,  a past version of Rip Hunter could return to the group.

Guggenheim also alleviated any fears that fan-favorite Vixen was off the team. Amaya ended up departing the waverider to return to her proper timeline in the finale.

"Maisie will absolutely be back. We just felt like we owed it to the character to complete this arc, complete this story loop that we got her in. Once we took her off of her path in 1942, it was always incumbent upon us to return her to that path. That was something that hung over us as writers, and hung over the character… I’m looking forward to a different storyline for Amaya next year. We’ll reveal our plans for Maisie’s character at Comic-Con this year."

Bringing back Amaya is going to be a real challenge for next year. Her story ultimately ended with her return to 1942, and it doesn’t make sense for her to come back. However, Maisie Richardson-Sellers has been such a great addition that it’s hard not to be happy about this news.

It will be interesting to see how her return will affect the other members of the team, especially Nate.

It’s unclear if Legends of Tomorrow will debut its fourth season in the fall or winter schedule. Either way, fans will be excited to know at least two familiar faces are guaranteed to appear again.

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However, with every returning character the chances of someone else departing get higher. Will all of the Legends be safe next season? Viewers will get more information in the coming months about the status of the time-traveling team.