Final trailer for Cloak & Dagger teases a dark ending


Freeform dropped a final trailer for its upcoming Marvel series and it promises a lot of darkness.

Cloak & Dagger might be about two teenagers but the stakes might be the highest yet for them compared to the other Marvel shows.

The tone already feels more mature than the typical Freeform series and more like some of the Netflix MCU series.

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The new trailer gives a glimpse of the church both kids will probably be taking refuge in and some of the supporting characters. Earlier casting confirmed that Jamie Zevallos will be playing Father Delgado, a comic book character who helps keep the teens safe from the cops.

While the trailer doesn’t show the parents, it does have both kids looking for safety. Could they be running away like in the comics? The creators initially said Cloak & Dagger wouldn’t have two kids on the run but the trailer makes it look like a possibility.

However, the real focus of the new video is the destiny for these kids. A woman tells the two they are the “divine couple” meant to stop an upcoming war. However, one of them will have to lie down their lives in order to succeed. This heightens the stakes for both characters because either one of them could bite the dust.

In the trailer audiences also get their first real look at the Roxxon Corporation. The evil company has been teased in some of the other MCU properties but is taking a central villainous role in this season.

The poster and a previous trailer had the kids ominously standing on top of the Roxxon building with neon sign illuminating them. This clip has Tandy hiding on the escalator from some guards as the two try to sneak into the building.

Marvel fans definitely shouldn’t start Cloak & Dagger without realizing the tone will be much darker. The video has Tandy tie her arms and legs together with chains before jumping into the ocean.

It looks like an attempted suicide, and such a mature topic has been something Marvel has tried to steer away from. However, it also hints that the show might try to tackle relevant issues their fans are constantly talking about.

Cloak & Dagger will debut this June on Freeform and has already received positive reviews from early screenings. The show has an opportunity to be the new face of the network as well as Marvel Television.

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With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s fate in jeopardy, a new network television show will have to step up as the bridge between the different MCU properties. Based on the trailers, Cloak & Dagger already looks like it’s up to the task.