Live action Titans might have cast Wonder Girl


DC’s Titans live-action TV show is expanding its cast with another comic book character joining the team.

A new casting update alludes to the addition of long-time team member, Donna Troy joining the show. Her backstory has always been extremely confusing and convoluted but she’s always been a founding member of the Titans team.

It’s interesting that she’ll be appearing in the first season despite the group already being announced.

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Heroic Hollywood was the first to reveal the casting of Man in the High Castle actress, Conor Leslie. The relatively unknown actress has established quite the resume over the past few years.

She’s been a regular on three different shows: Shots Fired, Other Space, and Klondike as well as scored a recurring gig on The Blacklist. Her casting falls in line with some of the other rising talents sprinkled throughout the cast.

Titans have managed to stir up quite a bit of controversy before it’s even debuted. Leaked set photos left many fans doubting the production value of the streaming show. Many disliked the actual roster of characters, pointing out how the series has combined the Titans team with the Teen Titans.

However, it seems like Titans plan on getting the titular team together with the addition of Donna Troy. In the current incarnation of the team, she plays a pivotal role in the group.

She’s also the only other member of the current comics to make it onto the show thus far along with Dick Grayson. Could this mean that Arsenal, Omen, Tempest, and Kid Flash join the group as well?

Considering Kid Flash and Arsenal are both in The CW’s Arrowverse, their participation seems unlikely. It’s a shame considering Roy Harper and Donna Troy have an extremely rich history throughout the comics.

Fans can still hold out hope some version of Omen or Tempest could appear in Titans though. Both are relatively underused in the comics, and with the impending release of the Aquaman movie, adding Tempest to the roster would be a smart move.

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DC Comics has stayed relatively quiet about their Titans show and it’s bound to stay that way. Fans have had pretty extreme reactions thus far and it’s best to wait for the final product before forming an opinion. One thing is for sure, the comic book giant has their work cut out for them.