Archer: Danger Island premiere recap


Archer is back and into some great hijinks immediately as the raucous former spy now seaplane pilot is back for his 9th season on FXX — Archer: Danger Island.

Catch up on all the latest from Danger Island or risk not being in the always entertaining Archer: Danger Zone.

Coming out of Dreamland, sort of, Archer and his band of misfits, led by his mother Malorie, are now in the South Pacific circa 1939. Of course, Malorie owns the place, but at least Archer gets to live there for free.

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In such an opulent hotel and the client base, Archer has plenty of freedom to enjoy himself. If only someone would get him a fresh drink.

Archer: Danger Island opens with our hero waking up to Pam’s voice, and hearing how she does not care what’s actually going on in Archer’s head. Archer then awakens and immediately beings trying to play his way out of having to deal with last night tryst.

What better way than to dump her on to her new husband? They really should enjoy the lovely honeymoon suite as a couple. The husband’s ultimate revenge is to leave her on the island with Archer, but with no money or passport.

Now that Charlotte has been abandoned and discarded, she is a vagrant and soon jailed on the charge. Malory is willing to bail out Charlotte, at least that is what the cops would call it. Under Malory’s arrangement, Charlotte would be called a “courtesan.”

To Charlotte and everyone else paying attention, she is being bought to pimp out. Just another luxury of Archer Accommodations. That could actually be worse than just drunk, crazy, and locked up. Charlotte finds some alcohol in jail to test the theory and weigh her options.

Archer Airlines is the new venture and with Archer and Pam guiding tourist along the South Pacific right before World War II, everyone is in fine hands. When two disguised Germans want a good look at the island, who better equipped to show them around than Archer? Someone with a fully functional plane, for starters.

Perhaps the island royalty could help since they are attracting businesses to the local economy. Lana has been re-imagined into island royalty and has somehow forgotten how to spot a Nazi spy. Ignorance is bliss, just make sure France cannot cause the island any more problems. The citizens are trying to protect a rare species of bird that talks and acts a lot like Krieger.

Archer is also trying to preserve that rare waft of edginess that made it so great. The spy antics of the first seasons were a wonderful way to introduce the characters, their mannerisms, and the witty flow of the dialogue. With the last few seasons, fans have learned to love Archer at any time, setting, or vocation.

With the time travel, some great historical quips can be presented in a new humorous light. If the Casablanca callback is the last of this season fans would be “shocked, shocked” to find out people wagered on such a thing.

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While Archer: Danger Island has veered far from any connectable storylines, the rambunctious nature of Archer keeps it feeling fresh and lively. It helps that in French territory adultery is definitely not illegal. Do not fret over the plot jumps, it is like talking to a bird in a damaged plane. It is only weird if you make it weird.

Archer: Danger Island airs on Wednesday nights on FXX at 10 p.m. EST.