Brockmire batting 1.000


The second season of Brockmire began with a historic monologue and “Platoon Player” continues what has so far been a perfect game of a series.

Thankfully, even more fans have found Brockmire in the second season. On the show, Brockmire may still be trying to get out of riding the bus in the minors, but the series has finally hit the majors leagues of television giving IFC a huge boost. “Platoon Player” is another strong episode for the comedy’s sophomore run.

Brockmire may go for a taste of all a woman’s desserts in an odd order, but it is not to compensate for any shortcomings. This season has been way better than average in 16 languages in perhaps a few shady entertainment houses. In “Platoon Player,” he analyzes Charles’ family while attending a birthday dinner he promised to avoid. If only Charles would have held up his end of the deal.

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Picking up from last week, Uribe is slouched against some furniture barely awake. He is wearing Brockmire’s jacket because they switched clothes after the mushroom kicked in. You really do become a different person on those things, in so many ways. What a different world.

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Charles finds his friend using the power of social media and the trusting nature of a person with an unlocked phone. With a quick scrolling recap of Brockmire’s easy night out before his big day, Charles finds a video where he’s passed out. Another gift basket candidate is filming, providing narration and laughing. However, it should be noted she seems like the type of lady to pick up a man at a church singing.

She informs Charles that Brockmire mentioned a need to “skip fun and conversation.” Charles must believe it’s the motto on the bar t-shirt by now. He knows Brockmire’s favorite NOLA hole in the wall is the perfect place for Brockmire to plan his grand recall to the major leagues.

Charles is also busy running the business which requires playing tough with some incompetent who cannot spell Brockmire correctly. In “Platoon Player,” the audiences find out Charles is making BANK and owns his own home. Brockmire apparently, and to no great surprise, has seemingly George Best’d his way through a great portion of his salary.

Charles is doing well and wants to impress mom. He decides on a fancy restaurant that is Michelin but Jesus Christ has nothing to do with tires. Charles is getting run ragged. He seems off his game and even though Brockmire cannot be bothered to pick up the sheet next to him, he can notice that Charles is off his game a touch.

He has seemingly failed to notice for a month even though reminders are written on his body that Charles needs a night off. Charles has demanded a night off. If Brockmire cannot even remember this one thing, of course he cannot be trusted with the corporation finances. Especially since Charles keeps it mostly in cash to make problems go away quicker. Brockmire makes money go away quicker by ordering another round.

One problem cash cannot make go away, but only attracts more actually, is family problems. No matter how you come by a living, honest or Brockmire, the family is always going to cause headaches. What else is family good for?

Emotional investment runs deep in the decision-making process with family. It’s tougher to make the decisions one knows they should make. Charles putting distance between him and the family has allowed him to thrive. With Brockmire’s psycho-analysis of Charles’ family, he also provided an insight into his childhood. A well-traveled man, Brockmire has always thrived by his own unique definition.

No matter how much one tries to reconcile with family, the moving parts of life have a way of interfering. Brockmire goes well past that, but not as far as Charles’ mother is willing to go. Emotional cancer is very toxic. Brockmire’s bluntness is the only cure in “Platoon Player”.

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Brockmire admits to being an ‘emotionally abusive narcissist’ which is why he can call out Charles’ mother. He points out to Charles’ dad that he himself thrived by leaving the family home, thank you for your service. While it may be as creepy as Charles’ sisters not blinking once, fans should not blink when watching the show. They might miss out on the funniest dialogue on television.

Hey, Brockmire had to look at the notes to read them while not hearing Charles remind him repeatedly. Here is another reminder. Watch Brockmire Wednesday’s at 10 PM EST on IFC.