Walking Dead promotes two actors to series regular for season 9


Every season, The Walking Dead alters their cast list by promoting some actors to series regulars while demoting others.

This is how the showrunners relate to fans which characters are growing in importance and which are possibly even leaving the series. There have been some moves already as season 9 starts filming and TV Line reports that two names were added to the series regular list.

The first name should come as no surprise to anyone who watched season 8 and realized the importance of one new character.

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Avi Nash, who portrays Siddiq, is the first name added as a series regular. Of course, Siddiq is who Carl Grimes saved when he was bitten. While Carl died, Siddiq ended up as the main doctor for the show after the other two main doctors for The Hilltop and The Saviors both died. He looks to take on that important role going forward.

Plus, Carl died saving him, so he has to be important, right?

The second character is a slight surprise. Callan McAuliffe — Alden, the Savior that looked like he wanted to change more than any other member of that group while imprisoned by Maggie — is the other series regular.

This is our guess … In the comics, Dwight was named the leader of the Saviors after Negan was defeated since he helped the heroes win the fight. Thanks to questionable moves by Daryl and Tara, Dwight was banished at the end of season 8.

With Dwight gone, the Saviors camp needs a new leader, and since Maggie has grown to trust Alden, it looks like he might step up and take over that position.

So, who do Alden and Siddiq replace in the series regulars role? The first is Lennie James, whose Morgan left the series to join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead. The second is Chandler Riggs, whose character Carl died. Steven Ogg (Simon) also died, so he is out of his one-season stint as a series regular as well.

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What are your thoughts on the new Walking Dead series regulars for season 9? Are you excited about the new direction with a new showrunner and some new stories that don’t involve a war with Negan? Let us know in the comments below.