Jodie Whittaker at the BAFTAs 2018 for Doctor Who


Jodie Whittaker, otherwise known as the Thirteenth Doctor, made waves at the 2018 BAFTA Awards.

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards took place this past Sunday, May 13, 2018. Jodie Whittaker, the fandom’s newest Doctor, and Bradley Walsh presented the first award of the night, Best Drama Award, together on stage. Walsh is one of three of the Thirteenth Doctor’s new companions, after Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill.

We didn’t win the award for which Doctor Who was nominated, so let’s get that out-of-the-way really fast. However, the BAFTAs were rife with fun for Doctor Who fans – especially when any sighting of our newest Doctor happens also with a new companion nearby.

There is also an Instagram video from Walsh’s account, co-starring Whittaker.

Being the isolated American I am, I only just learned of Bradley Walsh from the BBC press photos and the twitter hype following his announcement as one of the new companions.

These snippets of goofiness IRL (“in real life,” if there’s anyone reading over the age of Millennial) can give us insight into their on-screen chemistry.

Seeing Whittaker and Walsh goofing around together definitely lifts the spirits and hopes for shenanigans coming this autumn. I agree with @thewomenofwho here:

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Doctor Who was nominated for “Must See Moment in Television” for the ‘Thirteenth Doctor’s reveal,’ and I’ve already shared with you all how my whole life was turned upside down the day I watched more tennis than I did when Pete Sampras was winning all those Grand Slam titles in the late 90s and early naughts. (I was ten, I had a crush and absolutely no interest in tennis in those years.)

I was particularly happy to see Jodie Whittaker sporting a #TimesUp pin on her simple black gown. No one looks more elegant than when she stands up for women’s rights against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Check out this stunning picture taken backstage:

Let’s hope we fare better at the Hugo Awards this August, for which Doctor Who is nominated for “Twice Upon a Time,” the 2017 Christmas special starring David Bradley as the First Doctor and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.