Archer Danger Island: A Warrior in Costume recap


An old rival is back to torment Archer in this week’s episode A Warrior in Costume.

Pam is trying to make Archer less mad about the map being unusable. Even though Crackers is somewhat impressed with the planes flying capabilities, Archer is less than impressed.

The plane stress is really bringing back depressing memories. He needs to snap out of his flashbacks, even if there is a chance at Tapas. I mean c’mon, tapas.

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Archer has spent all season dealing with plane problems. First, it was the fuel pump, then there were the landing issues. It really was only a matter of inches. Now he must deal with a familiar looking old nemesis.

Ziegler (Barry, non-bionic edition) is on the island or patrolling the skies above. The mere presence of Zeigler has Archer in fits. Lana should be worried too. Zeigler is already talking of bombing the tribal inhabitants as well as telling everyone he shot down Archer five times.

The memories of Spain haunt Archer, as does Zeigler. It was Archer in the Spanish Civil War, trying to fend off zee German Luftwaffe. His failure has left Archer with some stress-induced PTSD. Every time he flips out though, he is stressing his relationship with Pam even further. Once he wakes up from the blackout of course.

Even when not provoked, Archer is tense with Zeigler just being around. He is on edge and chastises Pam for making such cheap repairs to their plane. Pam strains to not splash down any tears but cannot hold her tongue when he takes credit for her marksmanship. She might as well let him have an ear-beating, since he landed in a school of sharks.

Cyril is slowly losing his persona as a strong man and is more looking like a sex machine fueled by injected meth. Cheryl though is using her brain power in her courtesan work. With the Germans too drunk to know which end is a woman and which is coconut butter, Lana plays to her feminine traits.

With the Germans whiskey-ed up and wooed, Cheryl now has an army that idolizes her. Malory can make demands, but Cheryl can ignore her. There is a new sheriff in town. Malory can make threats but how will she enforce them? Her and what army? If Malory has one, it is helping her make Cheryl’s breakfast.

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Cheryl is the new alpha warrior on the island, and she is wearing the clothes of a distinguished woman again, not the threads of a courtesan. Archer’s plane and Malory’s hold on the island are hanging by a thread.

Archer airs on FXX on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST.