Colony season 3 episode 5 recap: ‘End of the Road’


On the latest episode of Colony, the Bowmans are being interrogated by MacGregor and his men. Katie and Will explain their background to MacGregor and his associate Vincent.

But MacGregor has his mind made up they are double agents and the whole coming threat is propaganda in Colony. He threatens to kill their oldest son Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) unless Will gives up what he’s hiding.

Will reveals that Snyder was in a position of power with the Occupation in Los Angeles. During Snyder’s interrogation, he reveals that if they destroy the alien technology they brought, the entire area will be wiped out in retaliation. Not surprisingly, MacGregor doesn’t believe this, but Vincent isn’t so sure.

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Snyder subsequently tells Vincent that the way to stop MacGregor is to call for backup from the Occupation. Vincent does so, but after sending the radio signal Snyder tells him, he is immediately killed by MacGregor. He then decrees that Will, Katie and Bram are to be executed. But before this happens, Occupation forces arrive and take out the entire Resistance camp, MacGregor included.

The Bowman’s manage to escape in the firefight, but their daughter Grace (Isabella Crovetti) is wounded and their youngest son Charlie (Jacob Buster) dies from a gunshot. Snyder leaves with the Occupation forces after revealing he was deliberately psychologically breaking Vincent down, having pegged him as the weak link. This explains why during Snyder’s interrogation, he is unfazed and uncannily calm. Because while MacGregor was trying to find a weak link, Snyder had already found one.

The longer this season goes on, the more the one is reminded of Alien vs Predator. The idea of two species of extraterrestrials duking it out on Earth with the humans caught as collateral damage has a lot in common with this season of Colony.

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This episode evokes the old saying “With friends like these who needs enemies. ” As quite frankly on the show the remaining humans seem far more adept at destroying each other than any invaders from another planet. The Bowmans escaped from the Resistance camp, but now they are out in the wild with no supplies.