Titans adaptation might introduce Superboy in season one


The latest casting breakdown from Titans teases an appearance by Superboy in the season finale.

When live-action Titans was announced, fans were expecting to see the current roster of adult heroes. Instead, the ensemble seems like a mix between the current teens to hold the mantles as well as some of the adults. However, the latest casting news hints the series might be borrowing a storyline from the New 52 run of Teen Titans.

That Hashtag Show reported the series is currently looking to cast a character named “David”. The physical description requires someone in their early twenties, Caucasian, and has dark hair which sounds familiar to Conner Kent/Kon-El.

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However, the character breakdown is what really makes it seem like this is Superboy. Described as “merciless” and extremely powerful, David has escaped from a lab where he’s been held prisoner. This sounds familiar to New 52 Connor Kent, who is originally created by the villainous Project CADMUS.

Considering Superboy isn’t originally considered an ally in that comic book run, he could be a threat on the show. “David” isn’t expected to appear until the season finale of Titans which would set up conflict for the following year.

Interestingly enough, Conner most notable relationships are with Tim Drake and Cassie Sandsmark. Both are not expected to appear (yet) on Titans, with the show utilizing two different Robins. He also has a close partnership with Wally West, a character no longer appearing regularly in the Arrowverse. This could mean Titans will slowly transition to the current roster from the comics.

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It’s doubtful DC Comics will confirm who the mysterious “David” is until the finale airs. If he does end up being Superboy, this will be his second live-action appearance. The last time the character appeared was during an arc on Smallville. Conner doesn’t currently exist in the current comics since Superman’s son, Jon Kent, has taken over the Superboy mantle.

Would you want to see Superboy appear on Titans? Tell us in the comments below who you think “David” could be!