Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 8 recap: ‘No One’s Gone’


Fear The Walking Dead gives us a heartbreaking season four midseason finale–and clears up mysteries of the season.

If you have not seen the season four midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead, turn back before it’s too late! There is a lot to process from Sunday’s episode, and we’re still reeling from yet another loss during the first half of the season.

Throughout the season, we’ve been kept in the dark regarding Madison’s fate, as she was not a part of the present timelines. Did she die? Did she get separated? What exactly happened? Well, the midseason finale illustrated her fate in excruciating detail, leaving us baffled and upset by the outcome.

We know the Stadium the group began to call home is attacked by the Vultures, but what we didn’t know is that Madison never made it out of there alive. Sigh. Walkers swarmed the Stadium and its surroundings, and she was never able to find a way out, and instead chose to save her family by bringing the walkers towards her, cutting herself off from any exit.

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Hearing Madison say goodbye to the kids is absolutely heartbreaking and devastating and a moment we were just not ready for. She wanted Nick and Alicia to always be true to themselves and continue to be the ones that save the day, putting their lives in front of others. She then proceeds to throw the flare she was holding towards the cluster of walkers heading her way and went down in flames of glory.

We have to respect Fear The Walking Dead for throwing two deaths at this season, and not keeping us in the dark about the fates of these beloved characters. There are no if, and, or buts about it as we often see in The Walking Dead, Madison is gone, and now the story must go on.

The midseason finale reveals that Al and Madison had met one another at some time before Al met the rest of the group, and Alicia learns of this when she sees her mother’s recorded interview by Al.

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We weren’t sure when this meeting took place, but we quickly learn that it happened long before they ever discovered the Stadium–and see Madison reunite with everyone not long after meeting Al. Anger took over Alicia who wanted to take Naomi’s life but Morgan stopped her from doing any such thing as he recalls the reason he left Rick and the group, and is ironically back with a group, trying to survive.

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Alicia is quite conflicted and has so much anger because not only has she lost her mother, but she has lost her brother as well. The people she blames for their deaths aren’t the ones at fault, but the resentment is there for everyone. It will be interesting to see how she manages without her family by her side–and with a new one in the making. R.I.P Madison, you will be missed.

Fear The Walking Dead returns in August on AMC!