Dietland season 1, episode 5 recap: ‘Plum Tuckered’


Dietland goes all in as Plum attempts the next step of the New Baptist plan–dating.

Dietland is a bit depressing to watch this week as Plum is forced to go on multiple dates as part of the New Baptist plan. As the episode begins, Plum’s voiceover discusses the doubts she is having about going on these dates. I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

It’s unfortunate that Plum’s worst thoughts came to fruition in every date she went on during this episode–one more horrendous than the other. One of her date shows up, sees her, and tells her immediately it won’t work out. Ouch.

It’s a harsh reminder of the reality that Plum has always faced as a plus-size woman, and it’s not even a thought she is affected by anymore. It’s interesting to see how hard Verena is trying to get Plum to let her walls down through this absurd plan. While it seems awful at times, there is a reason behind it–getting Plum to love herself for who she is.

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Verena’s goal is to make Plum understand that weight-loss surgery isn’t the cure for her issues. There are deeper problems causing Plum to feel the way she does but Plum just isn’t getting it. However, she confides in Dominic about her surgery, which is a welcome change from Plum’s usual closed-off demeanor.

At this point, Plum still has no idea about Dominic’s life–including that he is married with children. She has no idea that he is working so undercover with Kitty–and it stinks!

One of the most frustrating scenes of the episodes is when Plum is ditched during dinner, while the guests around her were criticizing her for her weight. It’s such a horrible scene because it feels all too real, and our hearts go out for Plum’s misfortune.

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This week Jennifer went a different route and took the life of a female, Stella Cross. It appears she became the target because she made porn tapes where she was being raped. Due to her normalizing such a heinous act, she came on to Jennifer’s radar.

And things got even worse for Plum when she went on yet another horrible date. It was yet another guy with a fetish for bigger women and started to force her to continue eating. She finally walks away from the date angry but ends up getting into a physical altercation with a random stranger on the street.

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Dominic showed up in the nick of time and had the guy arrested, and also revealed the truth about his life. She was already as angry as she could be and she took that anger and went straight to Verena. In the episode’s final moments, Leeta’s face flashes on a Times Square screen saying she is behind Jennifer. Uh oh.

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