Robert Plant turned down Game of Thrones cameo


He comes from the land of the ice and snow, but not anywhere near Westeros, it seems. This musician shockingly turned down a Game of Thrones cameo.

Have you ever watched a fight scene on Game of Thrones and thought that Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” would be a perfect backdrop?

Me too!

It turns out the show could have had the frontman of Led Zeppelin on the show. According to Robert Plant himself, Game of Thrones offered him a role. But the “Stairway to Heaven” singer turned it down!

I guess when you’re a rock God, you can be picky as to what projects you say yes to.

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In an interview with The Strombo Show, Plant said,

"“Yeah, well I don’t want to be typecast [laughs]. I started that sh*t off you know, go back to ‘Immigrant Song’ and Led Zeppelin being part of a cultural exchange in Iceland… [To publicist] What [part] was it, do you know? I thought I got to ride a horse and go [makes angry sneering face]. I hadn’t got time to grow the beard really so, no, but I mean how silly.”"

So, let me get this straight. Robert Plant turned down a role on the biggest show on television because he didn’t feel like growing a beard? To each his own.

Fans of Plant shouldn’t be that surprised that he turned down the gig. He never really acted before and he doesn’t agree to any Led Zeppelin reunions. The band is also very selective as to what movies and television shows use their music. So, it should be no surprise that he would have no interest in capitalizing on his fame to appear on Game of Thrones.

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It would have been cool to see Plant on the show. He would have joined Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Mastodon, and Sigur Rós as cameos.

It does make me wonder, will we see any cameos from other musicians in Season 8? We’ll find out next year!

Source: Screen Rant