Wrong Man exclusive clip, episode 4: ‘Curtis Flowers: Death Again’


Show Snob has an exclusive clip of Wrong Man episode 4, “Curtis Flowers: Death Again!”  Did they try the wrong man 6 times?

In this Wrong Man clip, former Prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson discusses the Curtis Flowers case with Civil Rights Attorney Ronald Kuby and Detroit Homicide Detective Ira Todd. They discuss a possible alternate suspect in another state, and key evidence: Fila sneakers and a .380 handgun.

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Did Curtis Flowers kill four people on July 16, 1996, in Winona, Mississippi? Many feel there’s reasonable doubt in the case against Flowers, and that they didn’t pursue enough possible suspects. Some feel there’s no way Flowers could have done it, or that the trial was rigged along racial lines. Of course, some feel he did do the crime and deserves to do the time. Either way, Wrong Man examines how Flowers became a suspect and attempts to find holes in the case — or maybe even poke a few new ones.

Fascinatingly, in episode 3, few people agreed to talk with Wrong Man about the case. In fact, not a single person who believes Flowers is guilty was heard — including his Prosecutor, Doug Evans. I’ll just go ahead and ask: How could this not be suspicious? In most trials, people aren’t afraid to tell you their opinions, especially if they think someone’s guilty!

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Why is this case so different? If the intent was to discredit the show or to “rise above it,” how is that going to help credibility? This isn’t just one murder trial, but 6 — with a possible 7th on the way! There’s actually a lot for people to talk about.

The next episode of Wrong Man airs this Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT on STARZ.