Dietland season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Belly of the Beast’


Dietland gets weirder, complicated, and complex in this week’s episode that has Plum digging deep into her psyche.

Dietland is an interesting show, to say the least. There is a lot of heavy material embedded within each episode, and a lot of story to uncover through Plum. Over the last couple of weeks, she has dove headfirst into the New Baptist Plan, following all the steps Verena has laid out for her. Last week, unfortunately, Plum reached a high point of frustration which led her to get punched by a stranger on the street.

She decides to basically turn herself over to the Calliope House and detach from the world for the time being. It’s odd because Plum is a character on the show that everyone gives advice to. It’s almost like they feel she is incapable of making sound, logical decisions on her own. And, maybe, perhaps she isn’t but it’s a part of the show that is really starting to stand out.

At Calliope House, it feels like she is being held captive, but they say she is free to go. And while she roams the halls of the bunker she is in, she stumbles across a room in the distance that has colorful lights, and orgasmic voices coming from it. But, she can’t go in there just yet.

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Plum feels extremely alone and betrayed by all the men she’s pursued recently, namely Dominic who lied to her about basically everything. But then something happens, she seems to find a comforting presence in Julia, who is fired by Kitty in this episode.

There is a very, very strong moment in this week’s episode of Dietland when Julia takes off the disguise she wears daily in front of Plum. Within seconds, we see her true body and face, and it’s more beautiful than the mask she was just wearing. We learn she had a double mastectomy and wears so much makeup to cover all the flaws she is ashamed of.

Kitty is getting a bit boring as well in the series, and we so want her to just be one of the most badass characters on it. She’s seemingly fired a solid part of her crew and is on the verge of being booted out herself–or basically has been already.

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Amidst all the regular drama, still stands the mystery behind the activist group, “Jennifer”. Last week’s episode ended on Leeta’s picture all over New York City, accusing her of being a part of the group. And now that she is on the run, who knows where it will lead.

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Plum is surely disturbed by it and has a nightmare of Leeta trying to approach her. But that is a side story to how the episode ends this week. After sitting in the porn art installation with Sana, Plum has an epiphany about her situation–and she is ready to be the badass person she was always meant to be.

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