Titans makes some big changes to Hawk and Dove


Comic book fans might be disappointed by some of the changes to Hawk and Dove in Titans.

In a new report by CBR, it’s been confirmed Titans will be making a few changes to Dove and Cameron. The two heroes won’t actually have any superpowers in the live-action adaptation to keep the show a bit more grounded.

Minka Kelly, who plays Dove, did an interview with On With Mario where she discussed the big difference.

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"“The fact that we’re actually not superheroes; we’re vigilantes. So you get to see the backstory of how we became vigilantes, what happened in our lives that broke us, that made us want to fight, to protect the good of the people.”"

However, this explanation might not be sufficient for fans who were hoping to see Hawk and Dove take flight. Luckily, Minka Kelly continued to explain why it would be unrealistic for her character to fly on Titans.

"“I have a background in ballet, gymnastics and jiu jitsu, so I’m pretty talented. So I can fight and I have a super suit and I have wings. I have 30 pound wings that I wear… I can’t fly. It’s as realistic as possible. I can’t fly because that would be not realistic. I’m a real person.”"

It seems like the show isn’t planning on keeping any of Hawk’s and Dove’s powers. Considering Kelly explains why their prowess for fighting comes from her suit and background. The wings seem more like a cool accessory, and it will probably keep the effects budget down to use them as shields.

"“I have wings, but they’re my shield and they’re my weapon. So I take people under my wing and protect them and I slice people with them when I fight. We all have our own individual specific style of fighting and mine in particular is like a dancer… My background, she’s a ballerina.”"

Fans of Hawk and Dove from the comics know the two have ties to mysticism. Some of their powers and abilities are derived from their relationship with Terataya. They both seem to have a gift called “danger sense” which brings them a lot of advantages in fights. Unfortunately, Titans looks like it’s leveling the playing field when it comes to powers.

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Since these two will be powered down, fans can probably expect the same with the rest of the team. Raven and Starfire, in particular, will most likely need to have their powers toned down to fit in with the rest of the team.

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