Curb Your Enthusiasm star J.B. Smoove promises new episodes soon


In December 2017, HBO renewed the acerbic comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm for a tenth season.

With no air date announced, though, fans are wondering when they’ll see new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The concern that it could be awhile before Larry David and his compatriots grace screens again is understandable given the five-year break between the show’s eighth and ninth seasons.

Executive producer Jeff Schaffer promised the wait wouldn’t be as long for the tenth season. And now star J.B. Smoove is backing him up. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Smoove claims the show’s cast will start taping new episodes later this year.

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While Smoove, who plays Leon Black, didn’t join Curb’s cast until season 6, he’s been a fan favorite ever since his character moved into Larry’s house. Smoove is Larry’s constant companion. In fact, his frequently imparted words of wisdom, called Leonisms, have even resulted in The Book of Leon.

Not only did Smoove say he’s excited to return to work on the show, he also confessed he’s working on a new batch of Leonisms to run by David for potential inclusion in the show. Smoove said,

"I have a whole list of new Leonisms to drop on Larry, I can’t wait to hit him with them and see how he feels about them — good ones, too. I’m looking forward to going back to work — it won’t be five years like last time, that’s for sure."

In addition to his ever-important insights, Smoove also expressed his interest in learning more about Lean’s backstory in Curb‘s new season — something fans would also welcome. Smoove explained,

"All we know is this guy showed up at the door and came in and made himself at home. I would love to know a little bit more about Leon. I would love to see a good flashback of who Leon was before he walked into Larry’s house."

When Curb first premiered in 2000 it immediately gained notice for its unique sensibility. Even after it left the air in 2011, there were always rumors it could return.

Fans got their wish for more episodes in 2017. The success of that outing, which resulted in  Screen Actor Guild Award nominations for David for Best Actor and for the cast for Best Ensemble in a Comedy, likely whetted David and his team’s appetite for yet another season. Given fans’ continued loyalty to the show, it’s likely the tenth season will be a success for HBO.

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Exactly when the new episodes will be filmed and released is still an open question. But at least those involved are optimistic that fans’ patience will be rewarded soon.

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