Child’s Play creator talks new TV series and reboot rumors


Two weeks ago, we brought you the news that Child’s Play creator Don Mancini teased that his creation would be coming to the small screen.

Bloody Disgusting reached out to Mancini and learned a little more about the project — as well as the creator’s thoughts on MGM wanting to reboot the entire franchise.

First, the Child’s Play TV series is really coming. Not only is there going to be a Child’s Play show on the small screen, but the movies will remain canon in that show’s world.

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Sounds a lot like what Evil Dead fans got when Ash vs. Evil Dead came to Starz. Just like how Sam Raimi led the way on the TV show based on his popular horror movie series, Mancini will lead the way for Chucky.

"“We’re still working on the series and also plan to continue the film franchise with Universal. We intend to stay true to the universe we’ve created.”"

This is fantastic news for fans of the series, but as fans of Tremors learned, it is better to temper your expectations as that popular horror series came very close to coming to television only to have its legs cut out from under it.

With that said, the Hollywood Reporter has announced that MGM is planning to reboot the entire Child’s Play franchise with Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) directing it and David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith (It) producing it.

That movie is set to start production in September. The new movie will have a “technologically advanced” Chucky doll and a group of kids.

However, while MGM has found a way to make their own movie despite Universal holding the home entertainment rights, Mancini said he refused to give his blessing on the new movie and refused executive producer credit on the new movie.

Instead, Mancini said that Universal is going to back the new Child’s Play television show and make more sequels of his franchise — which likely will now all have to be only home entertainment releases, similar to the recent Cult of Chucky.

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The best news for Don Mancini’s version is that Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky, is returning for his TV show and sequels and not the new rebooted movie.