Walking Dead Rumors: Second time jump possible in season 9


The Walking Dead season 9 will have a time jump possibly as soon as the season starts, but new rumors indicate that there will be a second bigger jump midway through the season.

We already reported that season 9 of The Walking Dead will include a time jump of at least 12 to 18 months. The reason this is known is that Baby Hershel is around early in the season, so Maggie has to have the baby and he will grow some.

We also reported that both Maggie Greene and Rick Grimes are on their way out, despite being two of the top stars and two of the most important characters from the comic books as well.

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Actress Lauren Cohan is going to star in a new TV show on ABC called Whiskey Cavalier.

After that was announced, the news broke that Andrew Lincoln was also leaving, with the reason given that he was going back home to spend more time with his family after eight-plus years as a star on The Walking Dead.

With that in mind, speculation about how The Walking Dead will write out the two major characters have been running wild. Now, there is more to speculate on.

It looks like a second time jump — this one by as much as five to six years — is coming possibly as soon as episode 6. This news came courtesy of The Spoiling Dead Fans, who reported that an aged-up Henry has been cast with Matt Lintz taking his younger brother Macsen’s place on the show.

Mason is 12 and Matt is 17.

Since both Maggie and Rick are supposed to leave after episode 6, it looks like one or both might die and then the show will jump years into the future to possibly focus on new characters, similar to what Fear the Walking Dead did this season.

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What do you think? Are you invested enough in the world to follow brand-new characters as they try to survive The Walking Dead without the original cast there to support anymore? Let us know in the comment section below.