Doctor Who season 11 first trailer is finally here!


The Doctor Who trailer for season 11, airing this fall 2018, dropped today during the FIFA World Cup halftime, and we are all about it!

It’s only fitting we got our first teaser look at the new of Doctor Who season, a year after the Thirteenth Doctor was revealed after Wimbledon Men’s Finals.

It’s a short glimpse, introducing the three new companions, Graham (Bradley Walsh), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Yasmin (Mandip Gill).

It starts with Ryan sitting at a diner with a spoonful of beans. He streams sports commentators on his cell phone. The room rattles around him, time seems to freeze for a moment in a whoosh of white energy lights, and we see the delicate, manicured fingers of a left hand dipping a piece of sausage into what looks like the yolk of his over-easy egg-on-toast. Another whoosh and Ryan seems to shake some cobwebs from his brain, unsure of what just happened, the beans dripping from a limp spoon in his right hand.

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Cut to Yasmin, finishing a pizza with her friends, the same rattling, the same energy waves in white light around her, the same whoosh, a split-second cut to legs disappearing through a door with the tell-tale flourish of a long duster coat, and her empty pizza box is suddenly full.

Lastly, we have Graham reading a local newspaper, listening to the same commentating as was Ryan, the room rattles, the white energy light, the whoosh, the legs and duster coat tails disappearing through another door, and his newspaper is suddenly the Beano Summer Special 1981 edition, a weekly children’s comic magazine in publication since 1938.

“The Universe is Calling” displays across a black screen, and we finally get a glimpse of our beloved Thirteenth Doctor standing on the street outside a diner, the beginnings of a smile, and BAM! “Doctor Who Coming Fall 2018″.

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Fun Fact! The Beano Summer Special 1981 Edition was what The Eleventh Doctor was reading during the prequel to “Bells of Saint John” in the first episode of season 7, part 2, while he was spying on young Clara Oswald, trying to figure out who she was and how she was impossible. See how Twitter user @Lizo_Mzimba caught it within minutes:

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