Ryan Jamaal Swain asks Madonna to appear on the second season of Pose


Pose actor Ryan Jamaal Swain wants the original “Material Girl” to make an appearance on the show’s second season.

Madonna was a huge part of music culture of the 80’s and 90’s and while her life may have been full of controversy, the sets of FX’s Pose welcomes her with open arms. Ryan Jamaal Swain, who plays the role of a young, gay man on Pose and runs away to NYC after being thrown out of his house for being gay, pleaded to Madonna to join them on the show’s second season.

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"“Madonna, you gave us ‘Vogue. You gave us that moment … I just want you to bring your butt and be a part of Pose. We love you and we adore you.”"

He made this request during the opening gala of Outfest which is the annual LGBT film festival in L.A. Earlier this week, Pose scored a season two renewal and is set to begin filming in the winter, according to Swain.

Very quickly, Pose has made its mark on television history by the largest cast of transgender actors ever on a television series. Some of the actors include MJ Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Indya Moore, Hailie Sahar and Angelica Ross.

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Swain spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the impact the show has made on him and others that have approached him regarding their personal lives. Many have come out to their families after watching the show, and feel the show has helped changed their lives and given them the courage to be who they are.

According to Swain, everything he has gone through with the show thus far has been worth it and it seems he can’t wait to get to back to it!

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