Humans season 3, episode 7 and 8 finale recap

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We say goodbye to another synth in the two-hour season finale of Humans.

This is certainly the darkest season of Humans yet, with not one but two major casualties. Both hours are equally exciting and make up for the aggravating decision making in “Episode 6”. While the show definitely sets up a few compelling plotlines for season four, it’s unclear whether viewers in the United States will get to see it. AMC banishing the show to 11 PM on Tuesdays and airing these episodes back to back feels like it’s just trying to get it off the air. If this is the final season on AMC, here’s hoping another network picks up the international streaming rights.

Breaking down “Episode 7” first, Anatole’s arc is finished off much earlier than expected. That isn’t a complaint, and it’s nice to see Humans end a storyline rather than draw it out. Turns out the ever-spiritual synth views David Elster as a “God-like” figure who gave them sentience for the greater good. He’s shepherding the railyard followers into his own belief, even though viewers know he’s wrong to do so.

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Max finally reveals to his old friend that David Elster didn’t actually awaken all of the synths. It’s nice to see Max still try to reach Anatole despite the pain he’s caused. Despite Max losing a bit of his naivety this season, he’s still the kind-hearted synth from season one. Unluckily, Anatole is too far down the beaten path and he refuses to believe his consciousness was purely accidental. Locking Max up, he sets his sights on interrogating Leo.

Unfortunately, for Anatole, Leo is probably the worst person to speak to about David Elster. It takes a few minutes of prodding for Leo to rip his Dad’s legacy to pieces. Anatole is furious to hear his idol be diminished by a “human” who was undeserving of such a great parent. After hit Leo a few times, something the young Elster survives, Max steps in with some help from Stanley. He gives his old advisor one last chance to admit his wrongdoings but to no avail. Anatole is too far down the rabbit hole to accept that his faith has been misplaced and he chooses death.

Speaking of Leo, he makes the decision to ditch Mattie? It seems plot contrived to break the two of them up now but Leo does have a lot of issues to work out. Unfortunately, Mattie is now a twenty-year-old (Nineteen? Her age isn’t specified) about to be busted for Day Zero. It probably won’t take long for Leo to realize he’s made a selfish mistake.

The rest of the Hawkins get limited screen-time throughout “Episode 7” which is probably because their plots don’t pick up again until the finale. Laura is just now trying to figure out what Basswood even though things are about to end. At least Joe and Sophie get to share some cute moments even though they’re incredibly short.

Finally, Niska finds the synth who sleeps! While many viewers expected it to be Fred, the Elster synth who betrayed the family in season one, it’s actually Odi. His reveal feels a little forced because Odi has been missing for a while, but again, not a complaint. Will Tudor has always been great in that role, and it’s exciting to see him return to the show.