Iron Fist: New season 2 poster teases Steel Serpent


Danny Rand better start preparing because the Steel Serpent is coming for Iron Fist.

Netflix released a motion poster for the next season of Iron Fist which seemed to hint at the appearance of Steel Serpent. It makes sense, considering the series set up his villainous arc during last season. Undoubtedly, fans will be excited by the new development because it’s already a sign the Marvel series is taking steps in the right direction.

The poster was tweeted out via the official Iron Fist account yesterday afternoon. It comes ahead of the highly anticipated panel at San Diego Comic-Con this Thursday.

It’s a pretty minimalistic poster, with the Iron Fist logo highlighted a neon green. However, it slowly transitions into the sign of the Steel Serpent, a bright red. This seems to confirm the second season of the series will focus on the battle between the two powered beings.

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While Steel Serpent, otherwise known as Davos, was not a part of the original Iron Fist mythos in the comics, he quickly became a fan favorite. Originally created by the legendary Chris Claremont and John Byrne, he made his comic book debut in 1975 but became famous in The Immortal Iron Fist. Ever since then, he’s become one of the most beloved villains, and easily Danny’s greatest enemy.

In the television show, things play out a bit differently. Davos is sent by K’un L’un to bring Danny back. While the two were once friends, the rift between them grows as Davos becomes jealous of Danny’s abilities. As someone who would’ve given anything to become the Iron Fist, he infuriates him that Danny would turn his back on his responsibilities.

Ultimately, this rift sets up the rivalry between the two characters. By the end of season one, he has seemingly aligned himself with Madame Gao, someone fans believe to be the Crane Mother. In the comics, the two villains are quite close and often work together.

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It’s unclear how this relationship will play out throughout Iron Fist season two. Madame Gao seemingly bit the dust at the end of the Defenders alongside other members of the Hand. However, it’s impossible to rule out her return since Matt Murdock seemed to survive the explosion.

Fans are almost guaranteed to get more information about the upcoming season at the SDCC panel this week. Iron Fist is expected to have a large presence for Marvel considering the esteemed comic book company won’t be sending a majority of their properties this year.

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