Sharp Objects season 1, episode 3: ‘Fix’


Sharp Objects dives into Camille’s backstory and the tension with Adora rises.

Amma comes home drunk after Vickery crashes a party in the woods. Camille helps her to her room and the two talk. Amma reveals that she hates Wind Gap just like her sister does on Sharp Objects. The next day, Camille then tries talking to Mrs. Keene but is rebuffed. On her way out she sees John Keene and his girlfriend Ashley Wheeler, who offers to help in getting John to talk to Amma. It turns out that Ashley’s younger sister is one of Amma’s friend.

It seems when he is not crashing parties, Vickery is raining on Detective Willis’ parade. The two men are clashing over theories; Vickery likes to think it was a truck driver or some other stranger passing through, but Willis is very confident that it was a crime of passion committed by a local who had a personal grudge against the girls. His theory is that because the girls were strangled and had their teeth pulled, that was an incredibly personal way to kill someone. Later, he meets up with Camille and ends up telling Camille to stay out of his way.

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In flashbacks, it is revealed that Camille spent some time institutionalized where she befriended her roommate, a younger girl named Alice. For the past few episodes, Camille is constantly seen with her earbuds in, listening to music or white noise to help her sleep. She is the kind of person who always needs the TV on as background noise to sleep. It seems that Camille picked up this habit from her roommate while in the hospital.

Camille has another conversation with Bob Nash, where he reveals Ann was intelligent. Later, it comes out that he has a history of alcohol problems. Nash also reveals that he views John Keene as not only weird but the prime suspect because he has no alibi. But before the two can talk any more, Adora barges in and stops Camille from asking more questions. Adora also chastises Camille for bothering him. It turns out Adora was also tutoring Ann as well and she was fond of Adora.

While fuming and driving around town, Camille witnesses Amma out on her roller blades and decides to follow her. She happens to go to the massive pig butchering plant owned by Adora. Camille witnesses Amma playing with a pig before walking off with it. Vickery then visits Adora at home where he accidentally reveals Amma was out after curfew and that he is warming up to the theory the killer is a local. After Vickery leaves, Adora warns Amma about her sister and tells her that she is not safe with her.

Camille speaks to John Keene and Ashley and his resentment comes out. He blames coming to Wind Gap for killing his sister. Like his father, he hints that he hated how Natalie and Ann Nash were friends.

Speaking of blame, Adora talks to her older daughter and chastises her for her behavior. Adora also seems to attribute Amma’s recent behavior to Camille. For good measure, Adora pricks her hand while pruning a rose-bush and blames that on Camille as well. It seems as Adora and roses don’t go well together, because when Camille was in the hospital Adora brought Camille roses. For whatever reason, Adora threw a fit and hurled the roses on the ground.

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As she often does at night when she is having bad memories, Camille goes to a bar where she encounters Willis, who warms up to Camille and the two finally have a legitimate conversation. The two bump into Amma and her friends and Amma proceeds to goad the two.

This episode is the first time Amma’s partying and nasty side really starts coming out. Camille then gets sincerely angry when her sister gets a sucker stuck in her hair. When driving erratically on the road, Camille reflects over having a breakdown in the hospital caused when her roommate committed suicide. When Camille suddenly stops driving, she sees a shape in the darkness in the road.

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