Latest Iron Fist season 2 trailer teases a darker origin


The latest Iron Fist trailer for season two teases a darker origin.

Fans of Iron Fist will probably be excited to get the first glimpse of Danny’s comic book costume in the short teaser. However, the video also shows a pretty brutal fight during his time at K’un Luun. It looks like those bloody fights have left Danny with a lot of memories he really wants to forget.

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Not much can be seen about what the plot of season two will be but it’s clear Danny’s demons are back to haunt him. Tweets from the show’s official account have teased the rise of the Steel Serpent, or Davos this year. It’s probably safe to assume the person he’s beating to a pulp back in K’un Luun is indeed Davos. Probably not the greatest moment in their former friendship.

However, many viewers have been quick to note Danny is wearing the iconic comic book mask. This is definitely a nod for fans of the original costume because it does look a little bit ridiculous. Hopefully, the show figures out a way to update the look for the final costume.

At least Colleen looks happy in the short video. She’s happily drinking coffee while going for a stroll with Danny but it’s clear she can tell something is wrong. It looks like their relationship will be rock solid heading into Iron Fist season two. This would definitely be a nice change of pace considering the rest of The Defenders are on shaky ground with their romantic partners. Luke and Claire are probably done for good, Jessica hasn’t spoken with him since the crossover, while Matt is presumed dead by Karen. One of the heroes needs a bit of stability when it comes to their relationship.

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The latest trailer ends with Danny admitting he hopes his bad memories are in the past like Colleen says. Of course, things are never that easy and Iron Fist will probably be dealing with his past as he embraces his future.

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