Wynonna Earp, season 3, episode 2 recap: ‘When You Call My Name’


On last week’s season three premiere of Wynonna Earp, Wynonna and the gang took out a coven of vampires from the Cult of Bulshar.

The vamps had flocked to Purgatory in anticipation of Bulshar’s return, but only one survived once Wynonna was on the case.

Then, before Wynonna could reveal to Waverly that the mother she thought had abandoned them had actually been in prison the whole time, they got in a horrible car accident.

We pick up this week’s episode, “When You Call My Name,” where we left off — with Waverly being dragged away by an unseen someone as she calls for Wynonna.

Meanwhile, Wynonna slowly regains consciousness and realizes she’s been thrown from her truck. She’s now stuck on a rock ledge overlooking a steep drop.

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She again starts to lose consciousness, but her mother appears at the top of the cliff and demands she stay awake. Wynonna comments that Mama can’t be there and realizes the hallucination means she’s going into shock. But at least Mama keeps her awake and helps her figure out how to get out of her less-than-optimal situation.

Unfortunately, Waverly isn’t faring much better. She’s been tied up by the man who nabbed her. Big surprise — he’s a revenant and he caused the accident on purpose in order to kidnap her.

He lives in the woods but the vegetation and animals are being driven out, so he’s taken to eating people. Waverly is the second girl he’s kidnapped.

This particular demon is also able to steal voices. So while Waverly is mute, he uses her voice to take her calls and reassure her loved ones that she’s safe.

While Wynonna and Waverly are dealing with all that, Nicole, Jeremy, and Dolls are still working on the Cult of Bulshar massacre from last week’s episode. Jeremy has determined that because the victims all died within seconds of each other, the perpetrator must be a demon who can move very quickly.

Dolls goes to see Doc at the bar. Doc confides that the reason he’s been in such a state lately is that when he was killed in the alternate reality created by the Iron Witch towards the end of season 2, he went to Hell. He can’t believe that will be his reward when his life is over. Dolls tells him he has time to do more good deeds, but Doc believes there’s nothing he can do to change his fate.

After Dolls leaves. Jeremy shows up. Jeremy is trying to get to the lab in the basement of the bar. Doc deduces that there’s something wrong with Dolls’ demon-suppressing drugs.

At the same time, Nicole has gone to find Waverly at the Earp homestead. But before she gets there, she’s waylaid by a man who tells her about Wynonna’s crashed truck. Realizing who the truck belongs to, she contacts Doc to come help find Wynonna and Waverly. As Doc leaves the bar he instructs Jeremy to contact Dolls to meet him in the woods.

While Nicole and Doc rally to find them, Wynonna locates the cabin where Waverly is being held. Waverly has been put in a cage and Wynonna immediately sees her when she bursts in.

Waverly can’t talk, so she tries to pantomime to Wynonna, who apparently isn’t the best charades player. But Waverly manages to guide Wynonna around the revenant’s booby traps and into the cabin. Wynonna tries to free Waverly but can’t break the cage’s lock.

Waverly has other things on her mind, though. She has put two and two together about what Wynonna was trying to tell her when the crash happened. She wants to know why no one told her the truth about what happened to their mother.

Wynonna explains that Waverly was so little when she left that they didn’t want her to know. And now Wynonna had to consider whether she wanted to bring Waverly into the hurtful situation.

Wynonna realizes she can’t fight the revenant in the cabin, so she goes outside to find him. As Wynonna taunts him, she mentions Bulshar. At the name, the demon freaks out. Guess he’s not a fan either.

Wynonna kills him and Waverly’s voice is returned to her. Doc and Nicole find Wynonna and free Waverly. In the distance, Bulshar watches.

After everyone’s safe, Dolls shows up. Jeremy didn’t call him to join Doc and the others. He was concerned about what Dolls would do given the difficulties he’s having with his demon side. Once Dolls finds out, he goes to meet the team anyway.

Now that Waverly has her voice back she asks Wynonna how long she knew where their mother was. Wynonna admits she knew the whole time.

Waverly can’t believe Wynonna kept her away for years. But Wynonna insists Mama didn’t want Waverly to know where she was. Waverly is devastated and asks Dolls to take her home.

At the cliff, Nicole repels down to get Peacemaker from the ledge where Wynonna dropped the gun earlier. A demon appears and cuts Nicole’s rope. It’s the fast-moving demon who carried out the Cult of Bulshar massacre.

He rapidly appears and disappears as Doc tries to capture him. Meanwhile, Wynonna grabs the rope and stops Nicole’s fall. Nicole tries to reach Peacemaker as Wynonna desperately tries to keep her grip on the rope.

At Nicole’s and Wynonna’s screams, Dolls goes to help. At his truck, Jeremy radios and reaches Waverly. He warns her that Dolls is unstable.

At the cliff, Dolls takes on the revenant. Waverly limps up and helps Wynonna pull Nicole back to the top of the cliff as Dolls goes all fire-breath on the revenant.

After Nicole is safe, the demon slow claps to their victory. But where’s Dolls?

Wynonna and the others realize he’s collapsed and isn’t breathing. Dolls doesn’t wake up again. Wait. What? Nooooooo!!!

Wynonna can’t wrap her mind around Dolls’ death. As she grieves, Mama appears again. She and Waverly encourage her to let Dolls go as the episode comes to a close.

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Yeesh, this initially seemed like a fairly ordinary episode of Wynonna Earp. A little demon-y, a little snarky, some strange stuff with Wynonna’s mom. But overall a fairly standard monster-of-the-week episode. Dolls’ death came out of nowhere. It was clear he was struggling with his inner demon but that’s happened before and it wasn’t a death sentence then.

Of course, this is Wynonna Earp and even when death seems final, it often isn’t. So, who knows, we could see Dolls again. Maybe we’ll get more information about what happened with him in next week’s Wynonna Earp. Catch you then, Earpers!

In the meantime, you can check out our season 3, episode 1 recap and stream the third season’s first two episodes on Syfy.