Good Omens is both funny and serious according to Neil Gaiman


The San Diego Comic-Con took place in July and Neil Gaiman released a video from his panel over the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series Good Omens.

In the video, Gaiman is talking about what it means to be funny and said that Terry Pratchett, who co-wrote the novel with Gaiman, was talking once about being funny and being serious.

According to Gaiman, Pratchett told him that people think that being funny and being serious are opposites. However, he then said that the opposite of being funny is not being funny.

Neil Gaiman said that “you can be absolutely serious while being funny.” Gaiman then said that is how Good Omens honors the legacy of Pratchett.

A moment from the Good Omens bit at the Showrunner panel at San Diego Comic Con…

Posted by Neil Gaiman on Monday, August 6, 2018

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For those unfamiliar with Good Omens, it was a fantasy novel written by Neil Gaiman (SandmanAmerican Gods) and Terry Pratchett (the Discworld series).

In the book, the Biblical apocalypse is coming but an angel named Aziraphale and a demon named Crowley like it on Earth and set out to try to sabotage the entire end of times.

Also involved in the story is the fact that the Anti-Christ was mixed up at birth and no one knows that the child they have been raising is not the right one. There is also an amazing rethinking of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a witch named Agnes Nutter who might hold the entire fate of the world in her book.

The Good Omens cast is amazing. Michael Sheen (Underworld) is Aziraphale, the angel, while David Tennant (Doctor Who) is playing Crowley, the demon.

Also signed on is Jon Hamm (Mad Men) as Gabriel, the angel, Josie Lawrence (East Enders) as Agnes Nutter, as well as other major names like Nick Offerman, Frances McDormand (as the VOICE OF GOD!!!), Miranda Richardson and Michael McKean.

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Good Omens will come to Amazon Prime Video in 2019. BBC Studios will co-produce it with Douglas Mackinnon directing. It will be a six-part miniseries.