The Sinner season 2, episode 2 recap: ‘Part II’


The Sinner takes us to Mosswood–and we almost wish it hadn’t.

The Sinner is off to an interesting start in the second season, and while it doesn’t seem like Biel’s character will be a part of this season, there are many other intriguing characters to focus on. Last week’s episode left off with the revelation that Carrie Coon’s character, Vera, is Julian’s mother (at least, according to her). Whether or not this is the case, we’re not entirely convinced, but let’s see where the story goes.

As always, Coon shines in the off-kilter, odd roles she is often given and this one is really no exception. Vera mentions living off Route 4, and immediately Detective Novack knows where this story is headed–Mosswood. Ah yes, Mosswood.

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Since Julian is a ward of the state, Vera has to prove that she is his mother, and apparently, a birth certificate will not suffice. The judge demands that more proof is provided in terms of school, home ownership, and the works. But there is something definitely odd about the relationship between Vera and Julian, and this is very obvious when she is taken to visit him at the foster home.

We’re not sure what happened, but Vera whispered something into Julian’s ear as he sobbed in her embrace, and moments later during questioning, he pretended that he never made tea the morning the couple passed away. Suspicious? Yes, we’d say so. Detective Novack is definitely irked by the prospect of Mosswood, Vera’s home. There is some history there, and it becomes obvious through flashbacks.

Novack’s flashbacks weren’t the only glimpses of the past we saw in this episode, however. Ambrose was another one whose past we saw through flashbacks of his childhood and being in a foster home just like Julian. In fact, they are both tormented by nightmares in their sleep, and it’s something they both share during the episode.

When Novack and Ambrose investigate Mosswood, it is revealed that a sex offender also lives amongst the others in this home, and Vera doesn’t seem the least bit perturbed by her child living with one. Things get weirder when Novack recognizes one of the men because she remembers seeing him at the motel, and Ambrose discovers that the deceased couple never intended on returning to Mosswood.

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There is so much mystery in this episode, and especially involving Novack’s past with presumably a girlfriend who was also involved with Mosswood. The end of the episode shows Novack sneaking around a building only to find a rock and a light above it. Hmm, where is this all going? And what does it have to do with Mosswood, Julian, and the murders?

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