David Dastmalchian and Rhys Wakefield cast in Hulu’s Reprisal


David Dastmalchian and Rhys Wakefield have been cast in A+E’s upcoming femme fatale pilot Reprisal.

Dastmalchian (Twin Peaks, MacGyver) and Wakefield (True Detective) will star alongside Abigail Spencer and Mena Massoud in the pilot for the drama series Reprisal. The series is being developed for Hulu by Warren Littlefield and A+E Studios.

Reprisal is written by Josh Corbin (StartUp) and directed by Jonathan Van Tulleken (Off Season) and is a high energy revenge tale about Doris, a relentless femme fatale (Spencer) who executes a plan against the gang of gearheads who left her for dead.

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Dastmalchian and Wakefield are, of course, members of the doomed gang. Dastmalchian plays Johnson, the longest standing member of the 3 River Phoenixes gang and the most understated and unambitious. Usually quiet and reliable, his increasingly unpredictable behavior makes him the gang’s greatest weapon against the femme fatale.

Dastmalchian is just the kind of actor to play this kind of “sleeper psycho”, the unassuming, lackadaisical guy who is hiding a surprising intensity and rage. Dastmalchian is a catch for this project, as he is currently in high demand. He was just in Ant-Man and the Wasp and has several upcoming projects including a film adaptation of James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, Netlfix’s Bird Box with Sandra Bullock, as well as the upcoming films To Die in a Gunfight and the psycho-thriller The Killing Kind. 

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Wakefield plays the ambitious Matty, who has been working his way up in the gang trying to reach Banished Brawler level, only to find himself stonewalled at every turn, unconsciously working against himself and pushing his chances further away. However, as the threat from Doris heats up, he may get a chance to finally prove himself and become a Brawler. Wakefield is perfect to play a young, enthusiastic player with misguided intentions.

Reprisal is executive produced by Warren Littlefield and A+E’s Barry Jossen, along with Ann Johnson, Graham Littlefield, and Josh Corbin.

Source: Deadline