Titans: DC Universe unveils new photos and details for streaming service


The DC Universe has unveiled new character posters for Titans and details for their streaming service.

After fans have been left eagerly awaiting news for the upcoming DC universe, the streaming service revealed it will drop on Batman Day, otherwise known as September 15. Titans also gets a handful of new posters which definitely look much better than the other material released thus far. It seems like the main problem was that the trailer was rushed out in time for SDCC, and hopefully, these posters promise a better series.

Unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait a bit longer for any of the television shows to hit the DC Universe. Titans will debut early at New York Comic Con, but won’t be available to stream until October 12. There will be twelve episodes, and they will drop weekly rather than all at once like other streaming services.

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Looking at the new posters as well, these are a massive improvement to the trailer. While Starfire’s costume still isn’t great, the creative forces behind the series have confirmed it isn’t the final outfit. Luckily, the special effects for her character look much better and undoubtedly Anna Diop will kill it in the role.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy looks absolutely incredible. It looks like Titans will be keeping his skin green like the comics. Fans were originally quite upset about Starfire’s and Beast Boy’s skin being changed. Based on Starfire’s look, she has an orange glow swirling about as she’s using her powers. Beast Boy, on the other hand, will remain green which is just all around exciting.

Robin’s costume is still mind-blowing and the new poster will keep skeptical fans interested enough to tune in for the first episode. Many fans have speculated he’ll be hanging up the Robin suit for a Nightwing one by the end of the season. It would be a shame to see this costume be only used for a season, but also Jason Todd could potentially take over.

Photo Credit: DC Universe

Photo Credit: DC Universe

Photo Credit: DC Universe

Photo Credit: DC Universe

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Finally, Raven’s look is probably the most disappointing of the group. It’s mainly just the poster which makes her look like an evil kid from a horror movie. I doubt the show will have her cradling a doll with a bunch of crosses in the background for a majority of her scenes. But this poster looks incredibly cheesy and definitely the worst of the bunch.

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