Titans cast posters leak before San Diego Comic Con


The first official Titans posters leak before SDCC and they’re a little underwhelming.

When on-set photos leaked with the cast of Titans, the creative forces behind the show told unhappy fans that those were not the final looks. However, these latest posters seem to confirm that those outfits would indeed be how the characters will look when not in costume. It seems inevitable that the series will once again be plagued by an unhappy fandom.

In a recent Reddit post, the user was able to capture a picture of the new posters during the setup for SDCC. Considering Dick Grayson can be seen without his Robin outfit, it’s probably safe to assume these are the heroes in their normal clothing. While fans have generally liked both Robin’s and Raven’s look, it’s the other two leads who are suffering from the most criticism.

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Let’s preface this by saying any costume choices are not the actress’ or actor’s fault. I have no doubt that Anna Diop and Ryan Potter are up to the task of portraying both iconic characters. Unfortunately, many long-time fans of the comics and the animated series are upset about the decision to not have either character to have their different colored skin. Starfire and Beast Boy have both had orange and green skin which makes the sudden adjustment a bit disappointing.

Nevertheless, some fans have speculated this look could be Starfire’s “human” form and when she uses her powers then she’ll be orange. This certainly seems like a good compromise since it probably wouldn’t be that fun to sit in a makeup chair all day. Meanwhile, others think Beast Boy could turn green over time as his abilities strengthen.

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The photo leaking online doesn’t do any favors for Titans. It seems like every step forward they make with fans means two steps backward with every leak. While most shows are judged on their finished products, Titans has had to justify every released unfinished photo. Hopefully, the DC Universe is able to stop so many of these pictures from getting out.

What do you think of the costumes from Titans? Do you think these are the finished looks or will there be more to come? Tell us in the comments below!