Doctor Who season 11 makes switch to Sunday evenings


Season 11 of Doctor Who is moving the series to a new night and will simulcast the premiere for American fans.

There are a lot of changes taking place for season 11 of Doctor Who, more than usual for the traditional post-regeneration revamp. Not only will Jodie Whittaker be portraying the first female Doctor, but the series is getting a new showrunner with Broadchurch’s Chris Chibnall who will also be working with a new special effects team for the show.

This season will also be featuring all-new villains and a shiny new logo. Now we hear that the series, which historically has been a Saturday evening staple for UK viewers, will be moving to a Sunday night slot.

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Despite the traditional Saturday evening slot, it will not be the first time Doctor Who has experimented with schedule changes. During Peter Davison’s time as the Fifth Doctor, the show pulled in record numbers for a twice-weekly airing during weekday evenings.

While Sunday evenings could possibly draw in more viewers who might be otherwise engaged on Saturday nights, it has been observed that Doctor Who would be facing heavy competition from popular Sunday night shows like The Walking Dead, which incidentally has the same premiere date. While The Walking Dead is undoubtedly one of those television phenomena, Doctor Who likely has nothing to fear from its loyal Whovian fanbase.

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Doctor Who also benefits this year from the plan to simulcast the UK premiere on BBC America for their extensive American fanbase. This, of course, would have the American premiere airing sometime Sunday afternoon, which would not conflict at all with the Sunday evening premiere of The Walking Dead.

Season 11 of Doctor Who is set to premiere in the US on BBC America on Sunday, October 7 at an as yet undetermined time.

Source: CinemaBlend