Titans: New photos tease a Jason Todd and Dick Grayson confrontation


New photos from Titans tease some bad blood between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.

Fans of the DC Comics probably know that the two eldest Robins have never had the best relationship. It looks like Titans plans to incorporate that history into the upcoming season based on two new photos released by IGN.

The pictures tease a contentious relationship between the adopted brothers, with the two facing off in one. Throughout the comics, every member of the Bat Family has had uneasy feelings involving Jason. He’s been prone to violence and anger, something that doesn’t rest well with the other crime-fighting heroes.

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Based on the photos, Dick and Jason must team up in an episode of Titans but the two disagree on how to handle the situation. Considering this version of Dick is much darker than the one fans are probably used to, it will be interesting to see how far Jason will go to upset him.

Titans showrunner, Greg Walker, addressed their relationship in an interview with IGN. The series plans to explore both of the Robins’ relationships with their adopted father and Batman. Especially because Dick will feel like Jason has a bit more freedom than he ever had.

"“It’s so frustrating to see someone who isn’t bothered by someone else the way you are… like, ‘how are you not bothered by that? Why doesn’t that screw you up?’ There’s something confusing and challenging and unsettling about that for Dick.”"

Photo Credit: IGN/Warner Brothers

Photo Credit: IGN/Warner Brothers

What’s confusing is how old both of the men are supposed to be. At this point on Titans, Dick has become a detective with the Detroit Police Department. Since Brenton Thwaites is twenty-nine, it seemed safe to assume Grayson is in his late twenties. However, Curran Walters is only twenty and in the pictures, he looks like a teenager version of the Boy Wonder. Will Titans be shifting the timeline and have the brothers be farther apart in age?

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Jason Todd’s inclusion in Titans also opens up the door for a possible spin-off. After hanging up the Robin mantle, he takes up the anti-hero role of the Red Hood. Considering his team, The Outlaws, has become popular in recent years and referred to as “The Dark Trinity” compared to the Justice League, there’s potential for another series.

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