The Gifted: Season 2 gets a new comic book style trailer


FOX debuts a comic book style trailer for season 2 of The Gifted.

Marvel’s hit X-Men series returns on September 25th, and the network is teasing the epic storm brewing this season. The new trailer gives each of the main characters a bit of a comic book makeover as the two different factions clash. Will you side with the Mutant Underground or the Inner Circle in the second season of The Gifted?

While the trailer doesn’t really offer any new teasers for the season, it’s fun to see the show embrace its comic book origins. Also, as the Disney/FOX merger comes closer to being a done deal, it certainly helps put fans at ease about the uncertain future regarding FOX’s X-Men television shows with the network still actively promoting the series.

The big question this season really seems to boil down to which side will the mutants stand on. The Underground and Inner Circle aren’t the only two factions though. It looks like newcomers from the Morlocks will be teaming up with the former while the latter will have to deal more directly with the Purifiers.

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A big chunk of the cast will start off this season on the Underground’s team. Blink, Lauren, Caitlin, Reed, Thunderbird, and Eclipse have remained firmly on the MU’s side throughout The Gifted. However, the Inner Circle have big hitters like Andy, Lorna, The Frost Sisters, and newcomer Reeva Payge.  With a majority of the main characters on the Underground, it seems like that team would garner the most audience support. However, as Emma Dumont pointed out in an interview with Clevver News at SDCC, things might not be that easy.

In the clip, Dumont happily notes that her character along with the Frost sisters come from mutant royalty, not to mention comic book royalty. Dumont’s character, Lorna, is the daughter of Magneto and is heir considering she inherited a similar power set. While the Frost sisters, known as the Stepford Cuckoos in the comics, are the clones/children of infamous X-Men character Emma Frost. The four of them combined could easily sway fans to root for the Inner Circle despite their questionable morals.

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The cast has also teased that The Gifted will be delving into some backstories a little bit more. Last season really focused on the Strucker family integrating themselves into this world along with Jamie Chung’s Blink. However, now they have the opportunity to explore some of the other characters’ origins like Thunderbird and Polaris.

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