Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuts full length trailer


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuts a full-length trailer of the spooky new series.

Netflix’s dark Sabrina adaptation will be out later this month but the streaming service released a new trailer for the series. If the previous teaser didn’t cement it, this one certainly does: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is going to be a very different take on the character.

A little under three minutes, there’s a lot to unpack in this trailer. Everyone from the cast makes at least a brief appearance as the trailer quickly shows us the people in Sabrina’s life. She’s being pulled apart by the destiny her family wants her to follow versus the one she wants. However, not following along a path of darkness looks like it will have dire consequences for her and the ones she loves.

Right away we get to meet Harvey Kinkle (My Friend Dahmer‘s Ross Lynch) adorably try scare Sabrina (Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka) before kissing her goodnight. She’s so overjoyed by how well their date went that she gleefully dances up the stairs. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the few moments of levity she gets throughout the trailer.

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Immediately afterward, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina introduces the real problem: her sixteenth birthday. It’s the day when Sabrina is meant to be baptized to join the path of the night, but she seems to be dreading it. Ultimately she chooses to not go through with it, something which looks like it will set up the entire course of the show.

The Weird Sisters, (played by Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, and Abigail Cowen) especially take issue with it and begin to antagonize Sabrina. However, throughout the trailer, they can be seen hanging out or even performing spells together. Perhaps both sides will use each other as a means to an end and become frenemies.

We only get quick glimpses of Sabrina’s aunts Zelda (Miranda Otto) and Hilda (Lucy Davis), who don’t seem to get along at all. Salem can only be seen hissing, but fans are eagerly awaiting to find out if the beloved cat will speak in this adaptation.

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Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle) makes a few appearances since he seems to be the one who is desperate to court Sabrina to the Church of the Night. He even entices her favorite teacher, Mary Wardell (Michelle Gomez) to his side for help. Sabrina won’t be giving up without a fight though, as she boldly declares her name before refusing to sign it away.

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