The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 7 recap: ‘Excess Animus’


As Juliana starts her film campaign she is reunited with some old friends. Kido gets closer to finding Frank as the Reich gets closer to opening the barrier between worlds on The Man in the High Castle.

Kido has Nakamura brutally executed, sending a squadron of soldiers to bayonet him one at a time on The Man in the High Castle. He betrayed Kido to show him that he was no less his equal for being half white. Kido uses  threat of death against Nakamura’s Yakuza contact to make him a shadow identity for business in the Neutral Zone. Kido is getting close to finding Frank Frink. Meanwhile, Tagomi tells Kido the truth about the alternate worlds, about Trudy Walker and Juliana Crain.

Bounty hunters come looking for their lost friend at Sabra. Lila turns them away, but she’s concerned they’ll be back. Sampson does some snooping around in Denver and discovers that they are dangerous, ruthless men and will need to be stopped for everyone’s safety.

Juliana shows Wyatt the film of the Allies winning the war. He doesn’t quite believe in parallel worlds or other lives, but he believes in her and he goes along with her plan to show the film everywhere she can. She also organizes a mission to destroy the Die Nebenwelt machine. Wyatt drops her at Sabra while he visits Denver to get her new papers for entering the Reich. Juliana is finally reunited with Frank and Ed, which is a beautiful joyous reunion.

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Mengele explains to Smith about Die Nebenwelt, the machine built to access alternate worlds, and how they are still in the early stages of human testing. Its pretty clear that Mengele makes Smith uncomfortable and its not hard to see why – he is a little freaky, a little too enthusiastic about his work, just a little wrong. Smith becomes obsessed with the films, staying up all night in his study and avoiding Helen. He continues to have nightmares of Thomas and mass murder.

Helen is having a hard time in therapy because she is feeling unwanted by her husband and is starting to have amorous feelings toward Dr. Ryan.

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Childan arrives back in San Francisco to find that someone is squatting in his shop and that the property is no longer his. He spends the rest of his money of a prostitute and then gets beat up for not paying enough. He gets drunk and invades his old home, getting arrested by the Kempeitai. Kido interrogates him, asking about where Ed McCarthy might be. The questions seem inoccuous, but Kido obviously thinks that he can find Frank through Ed.

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