Daredevil season 3, episode 11 recap: Reunion


It’s a game of cat and mouse while Dex tries to find Karen in the eleventh episode of Daredevil.

Following Dex’s defeat at the end of “Karen”, he’s out looking for blood. He’s not thinking straight because he’s so desperate not to let Fisk down. His lust for violence at the Church has put the FBI in a vulnerable spot as the NYPD begins to figure out what’s going on. However, Matt can’t exactly escape in his black Daredevil suit and leave Karen behind. The two spend a majority of the episode narrowly avoiding detection with the help of Sister Maggie.

Dex demands Nadeem head over to the Church and take command of the crime scene. Everything seems like it’ll go off with a hitch but Sister Maggie is lingering nearby. She witnessed Dex leave in his Daredevil suit and points out that the alleged vigilante has already left. The detective on the scene says this actually lines up since there are two men dead in an alley down two blocks down. Dex quickly claims he witnessed Daredevil come back to the Church, but it’s clear no one is buying that story.

Meanwhile, Karen wakes up Matt and the two flee down to his sort of bedroom. Before locking the door behind them, Matt quickly does a prayer. It’s the first time we’ve seen him return to his Catholic roots all season and seems to mean that Matt Murdock is officially back. When they clean themselves up, he vents about finally having his shot with Kingpin but needing to come back and save her. Before he can reveal his plan to kill Fisk, the FBI comes storming into the Church.

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Sister Maggie isn’t about to let the corrupt officials anywhere near her son or Karen. She kneels in prayer before Dex demands access downstairs. While she agrees, Maggie fumbles with her keys to try and stall. Eventually, Dex just has the lock cut before heading down to investigate. Maggie quickly notices blood on the side of one of the stone coffins. Stepping in front before Dex can notice, she offers to show him an exit up onto the roof.

When they leave, Karen and Matt take the opportunity to catch up. She reveals her actions against James Wesley and why Fisk is so desperate to kill her. While she expects judgment, Matt takes the same stance as Foggy about being upset she couldn’t come to him. He also doesn’t call her plan to goad Fisk as stupid, but instead says he finds her brave. He thinks she’ll judge him for his plan to kill Kingpin. Karen understands but tells him about her brother and what it will do to him to take a life.

Kingpin doesn’t have to deal with this tonight and instead takes the opportunity to speak with the press. He’s officially now a free man, with the DOJ dropping the charges against him. The public is furious but eventually calms down when Fisk claims he’s trying to make the city better. Their real enemy is none other than Daredevil, the crazed vigilante attacking their sacred institutions.

Unfortunately, he’s not aware of what’s happening down at the Church. The NYPD is not comprised of a bunch of idiots willing to look the other way for the Feds. Detective Mahoney takes over the murder investigation for the NYPD and confronts Nadeem about the FBI claiming Karen Page was an accomplice. According to every eyewitness, she was the one Daredevil was after. Nadeem gets very defensive but still heads over to Dex to say the search has become ridiculous. However, Dex says if he wants to call it off then he can be the one to call Kingpin which has Nadeem agree to stay for a little longer.

Sister Maggie notices right away that Nadeem doesn’t seem to have his heart set on killing an innocent girl. She asks him if he’s a moral man, which he answers that he tries to be. Maggie then wonders what is moral about sending a young girl to her death. Nadeem doesn’t have an answer but it does seem to make him question what’s he’s sacrificing to keep his job.

Downstairs, Maggie reunites with Matt and Karen, however, her son isn’t that excited to see her. He’s closed himself off even though Maggie is just trying to help. When he can hear search dogs coming in, Maggie has a nun claim to have seen Daredevil go into the building next door. It saves their hides again but Karen calls out Matt’s inability to be vulnerable with people. He’s built up these walls from the people who care about him and it has her understand why he’s been pushing them away. Matt doesn’t think this is the appropriate time for the conversation but does admit Foggy could help them now.

Even though he’s busy dealing with his family situation, Foggy comes running over nonetheless. Matt escapes up onto the roof just in case a firefight breaks out and he needs to intervene. Foggy secures Karen and has her surrender to Mahoney as well as the NYPD. Dex is furious and claims he won’t let Mahoney take her out. Yet, she’s a state suspect, not a federal one so they get to take her. Nadeem steps in and warns Mahoney that if the FBI takes her then she’ll be dead the moment they walk out of there. He tells him to get her as far away as possible and lets the NYPD leave.

Dex is losing his mind and immediately moves to grab her. But Nadeem points out they’ll get her back in an hour and he can’t just kill her in front of a group of police officers. It doesn’t matter, Dex will pin his failure on Nadeem and the agent can say goodbye to his life. Yet, upon careful inspection downstairs Dex realizes that Maggie stood in front of the blood which would’ve led him right to Karen. He goes to attack her until he overhears some officers talk about what kind of monster kills a priest. Instead, he locks himself in a truck and screams. Dex is definitely getting more unhinged with each passing moment.

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Karen, Foggy, and Matt get a much-needed reunion on top of a rooftop where they agree to work together. Matt won’t kill Kingpin, instead, they’ll build a legal case like the good old days. Foggy suggests they find someone with nothing to lose. However, Matt has a different idea. Showing up at Nadeem’s to save both the agent and his family, he recruits him to their side. Matt even reveals his true identity, proving that he’s a person who can be trusted. Look at what happens when the dream team gets back together!

Kingpin doesn’t take Karen’s escape well. He spends most of this episode trying to get the painting back which Vanessa gave him. Instead of killing the new owner, he chooses to let her keep it. Could he be going soft because of love? Apparently not, because he beats one of his guards to death following the disappointing news about Karen. Looks like he and Dex are both beginning to lose control.

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