Daredevil season 3, episode 9 recap: Revelations


Everyone’s lives are coming crumbling down while Kingpin thrives in this episode of Daredevil.

We’re in the second half of an excellent third season of Daredevil and it’s time for our heroes to question why they’re in this fight. All of them have their own reasons, but Kingpin has a way of crushing opposition (both figuratively and literally). Is it easier to just live in a world where he gets to rule New York City? Is the alternative losing one’s self by becoming a murderer to save everyone else? “Revelations” forces Matt to make a decision about the hero he wants to be compared to the one he thinks he needs to be.

After that cliffhanger ending in the previous episode, we pick right up with Matt dealing with the latest revelation. He goes to a local bar to confront Father Lantom for lying to him for years about his mother when she was actually there the entire time. From Lantom’s point of view, it makes sense why he never revealed who Maggie was. It wasn’t his secret to tell, the same way Karen would never sell out Matt to the Bulletin just for her own peace of mind. But for Matt, this is a massive betrayal. He grew up feeling alone and abandoned when both Maggie and Father Lantom could’ve changed all that.

Through a montage, we see a young Maggie not quite finished with her training to become a nun sneak into a fight where Jack Murdock is in the ring. He recruits her to bring him water and clean up his face in between rounds because assumes she has plenty of experience helping others. However, they fall in love and quickly have baby Matt. However, she experiences an extreme case of post-partum depression which leaves her feeling as if God was punishing her for leaving the Church.

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As Maggie points out in “Revelations”, we know so much more about post-partum depression now than back then. If she had known that, then perhaps she would’ve stayed to raise Matthew. But instead, she opted to wall herself off in the Church and her duty until the orphaned boy showed up looking for a home. She admits to Karen that at first she never told Matt because she was afraid it would confuse him. After Jack died, she thought it would just do more harm than good. However, now she realizes that she was just a coward who could never find the strength to face her own sin.

Why was she telling Karen all of this? After revealing the truth about James Wesley to Fisk in the previous episode, Karen is going on the run. There’s no reason for her to hide because she doesn’t have anything left in the city. Her last stop is the Church, just to warn Matt about Kingpin knowing his secret. However, Maggie tells her that Matt won’t be returning following the recent turn of events. She does offer to hide Karen and get her somewhere to safety. Maggie seems so adamant about helping that Karen caves, but it seems like this is just another way for Maggie to continue helping Matt even though he’s gone.

Nadeem has his own unfortunate revelation to deal with in Daredevil. He calls a meeting at Hattley’s house where he reveals that Fisk has infiltrated the FBI and used Dex to do it. Shockingly, Hattley shoots the agent in charge of opening an investigation and Fisk has it pinned to Nadeem. If Ray doesn’t help out, then he will go to jail and his family will probably die. Hattley sadly admits at one point that she used to have two children before Fisk set it up as a hit-and-run. Now he has to work alongside Dex, who seems to take a joy in being able to murder anyone he wants to now.

Foggy also gets some unpleasant news in this episode of Daredevil: he might be out of Fisk’s reach but his family isn’t. His brother Theo reveals that the family did some sketchy loan deal with Red Lion Bank when they hit some hard times. If Fisk reveals it to the public than Theo and Foggy’s parents will both go to jail. Kingpin would like a public apology from Foggy or else the police will be knocking down the door.

Meanwhile, Matt goes to lick his wounds at the old boxing club and brush up on training. However, his father haunts him and works as his inner voice in this episode. He tries to defend Maggie but at this point, Matt doesn’t want to hear it. As far as he’s concerned, both of his parents defended him by thinking only of themselves. If his father had just thrown that match as he was supposed to then he could’ve raised Matt. However, the voice slowly transitions into Kingpin, the voice inside which knows exactly how to get under Matt’s skin.

He’s interrupted by Nadeem, who calls with info that Kingpin has left the hotel for a mob boss meeting. It’s a trap to lure the real Daredevil there and as tempted as he is to go there, he ultimately changes his mind. Instead, he shows up at Fisk’s penthouse with the perfect opportunity to surprise attack and kill him. However, the woman in charge of monitoring everything reveals that Fisk has located Karen Page at the Church.

“Revelations” ends before Matt makes a decision but it will decide which side of him will win out. Has he completely forsaken Matt Murdock? If so, stay and kill Kingpin with this once in a lifetime opportunity. However, if there’s even a glimmer of his old self in there then he’ll have to show up and save Karen’s life.

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While the entire cast has been stellar this season, Joanne Whalley is knocking it out of the park. She’s played Maggie with the perfect amount of strength and calmness one would expect from her character. However, when she breaks down on Matt’s bed, it’s easy to see how distraught she is. This is a second chance with her son but she’s forced to see him leave again. Knowing his career path, she has no idea if she’ll ever see him alive again, and it’s one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the season.

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