Making A Murderer part 2, episode 5 recap: What + Why = Who


Kathleen Zellner breaks the fourth wall on this episode of Making A Murderer as she defends her stance on Avery’s innocence–despite the world’s opinions of him.

Making A Murderer is intriguing this season mainly because of Avery’s post-conviction lawyer, Kathleen Zellner. With every passing episode, she is going all in and dissecting the case and analyzing everything like it’s never been done before, because well it hadn’t.

There is some progress for both sets of lawyers in this episode, although it never seems like a collaborative effort, and perhaps that’s how it’s meant to be. Dassey’s post-conviction lawyers spent their time ensuring their case is taken to the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals located in Chicago to counteract the appeal that was made against Brendan’s release.

Meanwhile, Zellner brought in a blood spatter analyst who invalidated another part of the DNA evidence that was used in the original trial. If you recall, in the first season, Avery’s lawyers stated that Avery’s blood was planted and used from the evidence of his previous conviction.

Zellner wanted to explore that theory a bit more, but she was told that there simply wasn’t enough blood, and in the years that have passed, it’d be unlikely to be reliable. Being the relentless attorney she is, Zellner then started focusing on the blood that spilled from Steven’s cut, which he claimed was all over the sink and floor, but later cleaned up by someone.

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So, naturally, Zellner wanted to prove that the blood from Steven’s trailer was what was used to frame him for Teresa’s murder. She and her law clerk gather tools and go to town on Steven’s sink in order to remove it and examine it for anything that may help.

The analysis continues when the expert is brought in to conduct a variety of experiments to see how multiple scenarios could have played out.

The conclusion is made that the blood flakes on the RAV4 carpet were the flakes that were taken from Steven’s bathroom in order to frame him.

Due to the gross misconduct of evidence the first time around, Zellner states how shocked she is that a blood splatter analyst wasn’t brought in to take a deeper look at how everything happened. It would have just been an extra $20,000–come on guys, that’s it, at least that’s what Zellner said anyway.

This would definitely go along the lines of ineffective counsel which is something Zellner certainly plans on using. The drama behind Brendan’s “will he, won’t he” release continues to get more complicated largely because of Schimel’s emergency motion. He hopes that by preventing Brendan’s release, he can do something in favor of the Halbach family.

Zellner continues to make more progress in this episode as she looks back at the potential other suspects and all their alibis. She tries to contact Teresa’s ex-boyfriend at the time who has quite the shady story himself and was never asked about his own alibi during that time. In fact, he wasn’t even a suspect.

And since he was not a suspect, he had the freedom to go on the Avery property and search it. Why? We’re not really sure, but he did visit the property which could have given him the opportunity to plant many things including the bones and blood evidence.

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There is also some connection with the tail light of Teresa’s car which doesn’t follow the story her ex-boyfriend told Zellner and makes him look even more suspicious. Oh man, could it have been the ex-boyfriend? It’s always the ex.

The episode ends on Dassey’s lawyer, Nirider getting ready to face the Seventh Circuit, with the help of her team who set up mock trials to help prepare her. What developments will the next episode of Making A Murderer bring? Tune in to find out!